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Be a Better Mom - Take Care of Yourself

April 25th, 2014

By Connie Peters

As moms, we often put everyone else’s needs before our own. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to put yourself first.  I know, it’s difficult to say you deserve it, you need it, and hey you want it. You do need to! Why? Making yourself your first priority will make you a better Mother. I guarantee it! It will happen because you will be more rested, more patient, better able to handle stress of mommy-multitasking, and more calm.

So the question, the big question is “How Do I Make Myself My First Priority?”

Accept help when offered

- If your neighbour offers to take the baby so you can go grocery shopping in peace and you’re just too nervous, get over it. Drop off the babe for 45 minutes and go for it. Breathe, she’ll be just fine.

- If your husband says you should go for a haircut or nap, GO DO IT. Take your time. The baby will be just fine without you for an hour or two.

Keep your hobbies

- If you give up your personal hobbies, you will resent it later on, read a book, go for a run, join an art or photography class. The time away will fuel your creative or leisure side allowing you to identify with your true self.

Set boundaries

- Are your in-laws stopping in whenever they want? If this is a problem that is adding stress to your life, set boundaries with them to let them know specific times/days that work best for impromptu visits.

- Is your child staying up so late that you don’t get any down time in the evenings? Get them on a routine: children should be in bed after 8pm so that you get some one on one time with your partner or quiet time to read, work or watch TV and unwind.

- Are you over-scheduling your family to the point of zero time in the day for you to breathe?  Be sure to put your hobby, your workout, your meditation or your TV time in your schedule if that’s what gives you your YOU time. Overscheduling kids is also a source of stress. If you’re feeling ‘busy’ all the time, it can drain you of your energy (unless you’re the type of person who is fueled by ‘busy’).

Say NO

- Asked to do another fundraiser, another family dinner, another errand you just can’t take on? Say no and lose the guilt.  You can’t be everything to everyone.

Make a date with yourself

- Put it in the calendar each week  (or month!) – and take yourself out.  Whether it’s a walk,  a pedicure, a shopping trip, a wander through the library, sitting on the beach, whatever it is, keep a regular date with yourself.

Connie Peters is a mom of three girls, lover of magazines, chocolate, accessories and wine , and founder

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