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Fit & Pregnant: How I Did It

March 1st, 2015

By Delaine Dew

You, along with many other women, may have made a new year’s resolution involving exercise and have been diligently pursuing your goal when BAM – you discover you are pregnant!  Never fear – you don’t necessarily have to throw your exercise regime totally out the window.  Sure you will likely have to modify what you are currently doing as your pregnancy progresses, but there is no reason why you can’t maintain an active lifestyle during your pregnancy, as long as you have clearance from your doctor to do so.  Just remember though – the point is NOT to lose weight or meet previously unattained fitness goals - the point is to stay healthy.  I exercised throughout my pregnancy and still gained the recommended 45 pounds (for my 5’1” frame) and had a healthy 8 pound 3 ounce baby.

I was extremely fortunate to have a “normal” pregnancy – meaning relatively uneventful with no major issues - and had enjoyed a very active lifestyle prior to becoming pregnant.  Among several of my thoughts upon discovering I was pregnant was “am I going to be able to do the things I love doing, like running, spinning and working out, while I am pregnant?”  Those activities mean a lot to me, but not as much as a healthy pregnancy, so I promptly googled “can I run while pregnant” and “can I spin while pregnant” (you will not believe the results I got from THAT search) before giving up and talking to my doctor.

You should always check with your doctor before starting or continuing your workouts, as every pregnancy is different, and my doctor let me continue with what I had already been doing as long as I listened to my body, didn’t over-exert myself (which is relative to your fitness level), and stayed hydrated.

Running was an activity I definitely had to modify during my pregnancy.  I started off as I normally would, running around 5-10km and even completing a 10km road race while three months pregnant, but as the months went on I really had to cut back. For those who swear by jogging to help induce labour, let me tell you, I tried jogging while hugely pregnant and power walked every single morning the last three weeks of my pregnancy and my baby wasn’t going anywhere.  She got her eviction notice from my doctor at 41 weeks.

I also continued with my spin classes and had to adapt the spin bike and my RPMs to accommodate my growing belly.  Spinning felt great, is easy on the joints and as long as you have the clearance from your doctor, I would definitely recommend it as a way to keep fit during pregnancy and help prepare for labour.  Everyone loves a pregnant lady, especially the older ladies in the class so don’t be surprised when you hear comments from them like, “You are SO much bigger this week!”, “I think the baby dropped!” and, “I can tell it’s a [insert gender]” on repeat.

I was HUGE and felt so heavy by the end of my pregnancy but the spin bike, light jogging and walking kept me relaxed, energized and refreshed (sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but it WORKS).  So don’t abandon your exercise plans just yet, all you freshly pregnant ladies, check with your doctor, listen to your body, and have a fantastic and “fit” pregnancy!

Delaine is a mom to a beautiful little girl, a wife and lawyer in Edmonton. She enjoys running, reading, watching bad TV with her husband and most importantly, being a mom. Delaine recently started a blog “Moms of 1” ( with a friend of hers and is having fun blogging and connecting with other moms.


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