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Pampering Must-Have Gifts for Mom

May 1st, 2015

By Kirsten Verhoef

All women need pampering, especially moms. Here are my top items to give new mom or a new mom of plenty:

A belly bandit, with a belly shield: We recommend the bamboo belly bandit as it is naturally antibacterial and more breathable. The belly shield the the item that is placed under the belly bandit and is washable. The belly bandit helps helps you get back to a pre-pregnancy state by helping you use your core muscles much sooner.

Wild Cotton slippers: Super soft on your feet, lightweight if you find that you are extra warm in the summer but need something on your feet at all times. You can wear them with socks, or without! And they come in a bunch of beautiful patterns - you might even find some matching ones for your little girl!

Milk Screen: Nursing your little one? Would you like to partake in an adult beverage? No problem - test your milk before feeding your baby to make sure alcohol has cleared your system.

A gift card of any size: A gift card never expires, and even if someone had intended you to come in for a massage, you can use it on any product or service for the face value. How awesome is that!?

Eminence Organics body lotions: Help the rest of your body feel so smooth, soft and moisturized. From Honeydew to Stone Crop to Mimosa for moisture. If you want try something new and exciting - the Cinnamon Paprika gets hot to help flush your skin for firming and detoxifying.

Winifred Babies Couch Potato Blankets: They are the perfect size for you children's cribs or toddler beds but really - they are even more the perfect size for your lap while snuggling your baby.

Lovin' Each Stitch Diaper Bags: Beautiful patterns and practical design. These bags are one of a kind and can take your from baby to beyond.

Spa Ritual and Zoya Nail Polish: Beautiful colours and safe! Spa Ritual is clean from harmful toxins and is vegan! Plus, with every full priced / package pedicure, you get to keep your Spa Ritual Mini polish. That way, if you muck up your polish, you have your colour on hand for quick touch ups. Or if your little girls want polish too, you can feel good that it won't harm your precious ones.

Glamourmom Nursing Tanks and Nightgown: Extra long for comfort, easy snaps to hungry baby access.

Perianal Sprays and Belly Jellies: We carry a variety of belly jellies and creams to soothe and moisturize itching, growing bellies as well as sprays to help bottoms heal. The belly jellies are also great for cracked hands, feet and nipples.

Kirsten Verhoef is the owner of Sweet Momma. For more information about this health spa and boutique which specializes in pregnancy wellness, visit

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