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Baby Matters

Recording Baby’s Milestones

January 1st, 2015

By Connie Peters & Lindsay MacDonald

Baby’s first years are filled with so many little moments you will cherish forever. We can’t rely on our memories, however, trust me – you won’t remember the day she said her first word, or how old she was when she said it – by the time she’s 8 or 9. I know this from experience.

You think you will remember, but you don’t.

So we record things, keep them for our own sakes and to eventually pass on to your child when he’s old enough to appreciate it, or moves out perhaps.

With technology so prevalent in our everyday lives, are moms still writing in traditional baby books? Yes! They are. We polled (very formally of course, using social media) new moms across Canada and found that while some mothers like to record milestones by sharing them with family and friends on social networking sites like Facebook, most still use actual books to keep for their child’s first years.

Our picks for traditional baby books are uber modern, clean and fresh, but with plenty of space to write freely and store photos for babe’s first steps, teething stories, first words and more.

Baby Books

Rag & Bone Bindery ( offers Baby’s First Year in Photos, a small keepsake album, a Baby’s First Book and many more beautiful options.

An Etsy seller, 2Giggles offers perhaps my favourite, a personalized option that is also beautiful and modern.

A classic and luxurious option, Binth offers the top end of both practical (baby’s first three years) and yet lux design in its baby books (starting at $95).

Choosing to record baby’s milestones with technology also means protecting that tech and ensuring you’re backing up files and keeping originals in a safe.

We recently tested out several options for both apps and websites for tracking and sharing baby’s firsts.

Using an app, site or notes on our smart phones can be an easy way to record the special moments we may easily forget by the time we sit down with the baby book.

Start Your Own Blog

Using Blogspot or, you can create a personal blog to share photos and firsts all about your baby for free.


Sites like Kidmondo and My Own Little Story are created specifically to help you along with your posting and sharing. These sites are designed to ultimately print into a book they mail you, which in our opinion is the best of both worlds!  The ease of online but with the added benefit of having a permanent book keepsake, plus they even send you email reminders to fill in the blanks at appropriate date intervals.


There are many apps available for new parents. Some as simple as for tracking feeding and eliminating times throughout the first months of motherhood, others designed to be virtual baby books including video, funny things they say prompts and more. Our picks are Tinybeans and Tweekaboo. Check them both out to see which is a better fit for you.

Connie Peters is a mom to three girls and founder of, your online and local resource for navigating pregnancy through preschool in the city. Lindsay MacDonald is the director of Modern Mama Edmonton & is Mom to three young children; Henry, Oliver & Elliott. She knows firsthand the busy, fun, chaos that is raising children in a modern world. You can connect with Lindsay on twitter or Instagram @modernmamayeg.

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