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Baby Matters

Road Tripping with My Little One

June 25th, 2015

By Delaine Dew

Ok so, momfession time.  I finally broke down and let my daughter watch movies while driving in our vehicle.  I was one of those moms – the kind that vowed to never let their child watch TV before the age of three, the kind that would not succumb to the addiction of Disney’s Frozen, and the kind that would never ever let her child watch TV while in the vehicle.  After all, patience and the ability to entertain oneself are skills that every passenger should acquire.  Let me tell you – I have broken all of my “rules” and I don’t feel guilty at all.

It all started with allowing my little one to watch the classic cartoon “The Cat in the Hat” while I got ready the mornings my husband was away, and sometimes in addition, Curious George while sitting on the couch – her enjoying a morning snack and me a giant cup of coffee.  Then, one particularly difficult day when I felt really sick, I found Frozen on the movies-on-demand and threw that on, cuddled up with my little girl and tried to get some sleep.  Honestly though, how can you sleep through “Let it Go”, a talking snowman and incredibly underdressed characters who clearly were illustrated by people unfamiliar with winters and appropriate winter attire?  You just can’t.  Thanks to that choice, my husband and I now live with a Frozen super-fan.

To top it all off though, I broke down and installed an iPad dock for the back of my passenger car seat to entertain my little one for our girls’ trip to Calgary recently.  I NEVER thought I would do that, but I justified my position by thinking: It’s just her and I in the car all the way to Calgary, she’s going to be bored, I want to get as many miles in without stopping as I can, and she really likes Frozen.  So, off we went on our road trip to Calgary, Elsa and Anna in tow.  Frozen got us all the way to Red Deer, where we stopped at a Chapters for a break (it was too cold to stop at our favourite Red Deer rest stop – the Rotary Picnic Park, 43 Street and 48 Ave and really easy to get off and back on the highway from), and some Dr. Seuss got us almost all the way to the Calgary Zoo, where we met my girlfriend and enjoyed the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit.  One of us (not me) was roaring in anticipation of the dinosaurs since we passed Airdrie.  As an aside, the Zoo is one of my highly recommended rest stops if you are continuing on to Banff, as it’s right off the highway – just exit at Memorial Drive and you are there.  It’s just a skip, hop and a jump to get back on 16 Ave and Highway 1.

Aside from the fact that I am fairly certain my daughter now believes dinosaurs are actually alive and live at the zoo with the other animals, our road trip was really successful.  I was quite worried about driving alone with her, as she would not have anyone in the back seat to entertain her, but we did it!  I attribute the success in part from the iPad dock, the toys I crammed in the back seat, the snacks I placed in strategic places easily reachable by toddler hands and our playlist boasting the classic artists Fred Penner, Rafi, Sharon, Lois and Bram and Charlotte Diamond.  I am only a little bit embarrassed to admit that I relied so heavily on movies in the car to get us through our road trip, but it worked for us, and got us to Calgary in happy and relaxed states.

Much to my daughter’s dismay, I took down the iPad dock after we returned to Edmonton, and put it away in storage until our next girls’ road trip.  If you have any summer road trips coming up, I wish you safe, happy and stress free travels!  For my daughter and I, that means inviting the iPad to join us on our next road trip, and I am pretty sure both of us are more than ok with that.

Delaine is a mom to a beautiful little girl, and she’s a  wife and lawyer in Edmonton. She enjoys running, reading, watching bad TV with her husband and most importantly, being a mom. Delaine recently started a blog “Moms of 1” ( with a friend of hers and is having fun blogging and connecting with other moms.

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