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From Underdogs to SuperDogs

June 29th, 2015

After six years away, the President’s Choice SuperDogs are back to play

Who are the President’s Choice® SuperDogs™?

They’re fast, they’re fun, and most importantly – they’re super! For the first time since 2009, The President’s Choice SuperDogs are back at K-Days and will be providing the best in family entertainment that four legs have to offer. What makes these dogs super? Let’s just say they can do a little more than roll over and speak. They’ll be pulling off tricks and stunts that even the most serious of cat lovers will have to applaud. Ranging from relay races, to running obstacle courses and chasing down Frisbees at top speed, these dogs are sure to excite and impress!

Just like the superheroes of your favourite comic books, many of these SuperDogs have an incredible story that proves anyone, no matter your background, can achieve anything! Stray, abandoned and ultimately rescued, these SuperDogs have been given a second chance at life and are certainly making the most of it!

Amy White, Operations Manager for SuperDogs, explains that “all of the dogs performing in our show are the personal pets of the trainer they are with on stage and about 40 per cent of our dogs come from animal rescue shelters.” 

At K-Days, you can expect to see a number of different dogs and many different breeds. “There will be approximately 50 dogs – big dogs, small dogs, puppies, purebreds and mix breeds – something for everyone,” says White.

This is just a fraction of the entire SuperDogs roster as White goes on to explain that they have more than 300 SuperDogs performing with their production that come from all across North America including a number of local dogs for the K-Days show!

That’s right, you’re going to see some amazing local talent including a greyhound by the name of Kili who will be performing as a SuperDog for the first time!  

Meet Kili

Kili is a 2 ½ year-old greyhound who will be making her SuperDogs debut at K-Days this year! She is one of the few greyhounds competing in agility and will hopefully soon add disc to her resume. On her days off she loves to go hiking or jogging - this girl always wants to be doing something. At home she enjoys pestering her greyhound sibling or snoozing on the couch in typical greyhound style.


This year’s President’s Choice SuperDogs theme is a spectacular celebration of all things Hollywood!

One of the great things about the President’s Choice SuperDogs is that there really is something for everyone to enjoy,” explains White. We think the show entertains people from aged 4 to 94. There are favourite events like, puissance jumping and relays but with a new Hollywood twist that are sure to thrill audiences.” Many of these events will include audience participation as well, so be sure to help cheer on these SuperDogs as they feed off the crowd’s energy.

Not only will you be able to see these dogs jump, weave, leap and act their way through scenes form classic movie hits, but you’ll be able to meet the stars of the show in person afterwards!

“We end each production with Pat & Chat,” explains White. “This is when the audience is invited on to the stage floor to meet the SuperDogs and the cast. They can take pictures and speak with the trainers as well.”

The President’s Choice SuperDogs is a must see event for the whole family, and who knows, you might even get a pawtograph…   

Where to catch this year’s SuperDogs at K-Days

Dates: July 17-26, 2015

Times: 2, 5 and 8 p.m.

Location: Hall D, Edmonton EXPO Centre

For more information on the President’s Choice SuperDogs visit


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