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Picture This: a look at our big back yard.

January 2nd, 2015

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By We Are YEG

Feeding station.
Black-capped chickadees do not migrate, but stay with us all year round. They are very bold, and will often feed out of an outstretched hand; these two were found in Whitemud Creek Ravine (South). Did you know that these birds can lower their body temperature during cold winter nights 10-12ºC to conserve energy; that’s pretty useful for Edmonton living.

Not snowballs.
Officially called the Talus Dome these handcrafted stainless steel spheres represent talus forms of earth that occur naturally in the Edmonton River Valley, and are found by south east entrance to the Quesnell Bridge. You’ll notice that the nature of the construction allows the spheres to take on different colours, dependent on the day and season. Artist: Ball-nogues Studio

Family snow sport.
Tobogganing is a family affair. Edmonton has a few hills set aside specifically for this winter activity. This specific hill is found on the south side of Fox Drive, family not included; bring your own.

The uphill part’s easy.
“You need to walk your sled back up the hill, if you want to go on another run.” When certain agendas come into conflict…

Just get out more.
“Winter’s a great time in Edmonton, all you have to do is get out more.” Fall is a pretty good time too…

Edmonton remembers.
In light of what happened in Ottawa, this Remembrance Day brought home some added significance. After the erection of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the War Memorial, a new tradition started where a more personal tribute was offered by the public placing their poppies on top of the tomb or memorial after the ceremony.

YEG stroll.
“This is a beautiful day for a stroll, the fresh snow makes all the difference.”

In Terwillegar Park
Terwillager Park is quite the space for some urban hiking, running, cycling, walking your dog,and cross country skiing. 186 hectares of space to be accurate.

Live to jog.
The Edmonton Parks system has 160 kms of multi-use trails. Many communities abut parkland to make use of the trails year round, and the trails look just as good in the winter as they do in the summer. This is what Whitemud Creek Ravine (South) looks like after November snow.

#WeAreYEG. Join us and experience Edmonton, one photo at a time.We are photographers who...Document the individuals, the events, and the businesses that make Edmonton great. We invite you to join us in celebrating this city through the powerful mediums of image and sound.


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