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Please help support the Alberta Cancer Foundation!

March 11th, 2013

We need your help!

Please help support the Alberta Cancer Foundation! We are creating baby calendars, and pet calendars to raise funds for a Patient Care Financial Assistance Program to help low income families with their finances during cancer treatment. We are also creating motorcycle and car calendars to raise funds for prostate cancer research and education. These calendars are part of an educational and awareness campaign we hope to push across Alberta with the help of community involvement.


Here is how you can help....

Parents can help simply by placing their child in one of our baby calendars. The photo session is complimentary and there is no obligation to purchase photos. We are looking for newborn babies up the age of 5 years old. Please contact us to book an appointment.

L&L Studios 780-637-0131

We are looking for lady models between the ages of 18 years to 35 to pose in our motorcycle and car calendars. Please book an appointment if you are interested in a preliminary photo shoot. Bring a friend or refer a friend. Motorcycles and muscle cars needed for the calendars, please submit a photo to and you will be contacted if we choose your bike or car for the spring photo shoot.

Pets needed for pet calendars as well. Please forward our info to your friends.


Business Sponsorship

Businesses can support by sponsoring an advertisement in the calendars to help relieve the costs for the calendars so we can print more and raise more funds.

l   For $400 you can have your advertisement placed at the bottom or side of the date area in the calendar.

l   A special featured full page advertisement with a full portfolio about your business, or a full page advertisement cost $1000. You will receive attention at the beginning of the calendar beneath the introductory page or cancer feature stories page.

l   Support a full calendar and brand it as your own with logos from cover to back, a brand logo banner visible at all times at the bottom of the calendar, smaller logo placement throughout the calendar, a full feature portfolio page, and page of coupons or other full page advertisement with a word from your CEO. The cost is $4000

l   If you belong to a group and would like to have your own calendar we can promote your group in the calendar or create you your own calendar.  We will design the calendar to your specifications.


Refer us to your community group  

It is through the participation of community groups and clubs, sports groups, church groups, parent groups, and children clubs that we are able to create partnerships to help with distribution of these calendars. If you belong to a group or club please consider joining us with a split fund raiser. Calendars are sold for $25 each, with $10 going to the group, $10 going to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and $5 going towards print costs. We are looking for community groups all across Alberta. We would like to help out communities while they are helping out the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Please refer us to your group.

Forward our information to your friends, or post something on your facebook or website.

The more people who learn about our fundraising campaign the more money we will be able to raise not only for the Alberta Cancer Foundation but also to support our communities.

Post our information and posters around your community or ask if our posters can be placed at your place of work, or in the staff lounge. If possible, ask if our calendars can be sold at the store location or through the staff who may want to pick up a good cause. Thank you for considering us as your charitable cause. For more information about the Alberta Cancer Foundation go to



Respectfully yours,

Lisa Dibble

L&L Studios/Fund Development Volunteer 780-637-0131

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