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April 1st, 2013

If one good turn deserves another, then potentially 100,000 good turns deserve the same.

Scouts Canada’s annual Good Turn Week will take place April 13-21, spreading goodwill to Canadians from coast to coast. The community is encouraged to participate by performing their own good deeds — joining Scouts Canada’s roughly 27,000 volunteers and 74,000 youth members.

“Good Turn Week follows the principles of Scouting, which teach youth to always do Good Turns for other people, but it’s also about encouraging Canadians of all ages to reach out and do something kind for someone else,” said Kaylee Galipeau, National Youth Commissioner and Chair of the National Youth Network for Scouts Canada. “Each act of kindness can make a difference in the lives of the recipient and contribute to a cycle of goodwill that fosters friendlier and happier communities”

Here are five examples of good turns for young people:

1. Give a parent a night off. Volunteer to babysit for a family member or close friends.

2. Put on the family chef’s hat. Pick a meal and help mom or dad out in the kitchen.

3. Four-legged fun: offer to walk a neighbour or friend’s dog.

4. Lend a hand at an after-school program or community centre.

5. Write a letter to the Canadian forces thanking them for their service.

Here are some examples of good turns for adults:

1. Donate blood, clothes, food, toys, books — or give money to charity.

2. Volunteer for a community program, or at a local food bank or shelter.

3. Help an elderly neighbour with grocery shopping or a household chore.

4. Buy a homeless person a meal.

5. Make a co-worker’s day: bring in a special snack or lunch for your colleagues.

For Good Turn Week, each Scouts Canada member is provided with a Good Turn Week bracelet. The recipient of their good turn inherits the bracelet and is encouraged to pay it forward, creating a cycle of good deeds.

But people don’t need a bracelet to participate. “Even if a good turn hasn’t been done for them, all Canadians are encouraged to get in the spirit of Good Turn Week,” Galipeau said. “The smallest gestures can make a major difference.”

Canadians are encouraged to share their Good Turn on the Good Turn Week website by texting “Good Turn” and their good deed to 51051 or submitting it via Participants can also share their Good Turn on Twitter, the Scouts Canada Facebook page and on YouTube.

For more information about Scouts Canada’s Good Turn Week visit




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