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The Adventures of Spider Mable

November 1st, 2015

By Kyla Martin

Photos by Jenna Rego

On Monday, September 28th, a dark and evil presence ascended on the City of Edmonton.  This mysterious bad guy wreaked havoc throughout the city including kidnapping Oiler Captain Andrew Ference.  Not knowing who this villain was, the Edmonton police Sgt. Steve Sharp took to the airways to call the only person who could help solve the mystery– Spider Mable, The Children’s Wish Foundation's very own superhero!

Over the course of the day, a little girl whose most heartfelt wish is to fight crime with Spider-Man, was guided through a custom designed experience with her hero by her side.  The adventure started with a plea for help from Mayor Don Iveson, who offered SpiderMable full access to the city.  And Spider-Man often says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Spider Mable’s new responsibility was learning to operate her new web-shooting guns to help with her quest.  Next, further instructions from Edmonton Police Service; then, close encounters with the villain where she employed extreme tactics at West Edmonton Mall. The clues led the crime fighting superhero to the Edmonton Valley Zoo where Spider-Mable rescued the local sports hero from the grips of the notorious villain.

Who was that little girl that got the whole country to rally around her as she battled the villain?  Six-year-old Mable may be short in stature but she makes up for it with incredible amounts of energy. Her bubbly personality and desire for fun and adventure is infectious; you can’t help but smile when in her presence.

It was a slightly different story in September 2013: “She started to find a short walk to school to be too much for her,” says her mom Lisa. “She had a total lack of energy and didn’t want to do anything.” She was quickly diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells.

During her treatments she would pass some time reading comics, with 1960s era Spider-Man issues being her favourite. According to Lisa, Mable has always liked Spiderman because he was the closest hero to being human. Children’s Wish talked with Mable about what she’d like for her wish and meeting her hero Spiderman came up immediately. When she later confessed how she often imagines fighting crime just like him, the Spider-Mable Wish was conceived.

This story has spread far beyond the city’s borders; it trended second nationally on Twitter and hit all major media outlets, including SportsNet. This is truly an example of how a wish can be treasured by not only the child but by the family and an entire city.

What’s next for Mable?  Well…. Spider Mable has now become a bit of a celebrity; she has done an autograph session, dropped the puck at a pre-season Edmonton Oiler game and many special invitations to attend events.  Mable is finishing off her treatment which her parents are hoping will be done by the end of November.

Three times a day across Canada, wishes like Spider Mable’s are being granted across Canada with the support of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is the largest all Canadian wish granting charity dedicated to granting wishes to Canadian children between the ages of 3 and 17 who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  For more than 30 years, Children’s Wish has worked tirelessly to grant heartfelt wishes to more than 22,000 children and their families.

This year, the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada expects to grant over 1,000 new wishes across the country with the help of volunteers and generous donors.  Each wish is the child’s most heartfelt wish, and carefully structured to meet the particular needs of the child and their family. Children’s Wish is a national charity with chapters in every province and territory.

Already within our first six months of this year, we are experiencing unprecedented increases of wish referrals through our strong medical community relationships for our wishes granted to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Now more than ever, we are encouraging Canadians to donate and support The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada to help us grant the next most heartfelt wish like Spider-Mable.

Visit to donate or for more information.


Kyla Martin is the Director of the Children’s Wish Foundation Canada - Alberta & Northwest Territories.

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