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What is Beautiful ME?

March 4th, 2014

Submitted by Sheila Chisholm 

Have you ever looked in a mirror?  Really looked at yourself? Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? 

At Beautiful ME, organized by Infinite Resources Inc, we ask girls to spend the day looking in the mirror and discover their beauty, to let their inner and outer beauty collapse into just being beautiful. As they start to have special/unique features pointed out or highlighted you can see their discomfort turn to acceptance and even appreciation of their reflection.   

If you are busy dealing with what you don't like on the outside, it is often incredibly difficult to love the inside.

The event’s sole purpose and intention is to impact our youth in the most positive way…at the core of how they feel about themselves. There is a group of committed volunteers including professional hair stylist, make up artists, photographers and even figure skater Jamie Sale, who are there to make THE difference for 25 teens.

The teens come to the event where they are greeted by our encouragement team and have an opportunity to discover what the event is all about, and create their I amand Beauty isstatements.They move on to working with a professional hairstylist and make-up artist that will talk about skin and hair care, how to discover and highlight what they love about themselves.The teens move to wardrobe where we have a special local designer there to help them explore clothes that express their beauty.Then it is onto the photo shoots the participants move through three photographers so we can really capture the experience for them - they work with the encouragement team throughout the day and at the end they leave with a photo that captures them as well as a swag bag that is graciously donated by the community of volunteers.This is a space where teens are celebrated for exactly who they are.

Previous I am… and Beauty is statements;

"I am not afraid to be different"

"I am strong"

"beauty is personal"

"I am an artist"

"beauty is loving yourself"

"beauty is compassion"

"I am passionate"

"I am successful"

"beauty is loving who you are"

"beauty is being unique"

"I am fierce"

"beauty is strength and independence"

"I am beautiful"

"I am kind of a big deal"

"I am brave"

"beauty is being yourself"

"I am tenacious"

This years event takes place at The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert -  Sunday, April 27, 2014, 10:00am - 6:00pm

The nomination process is really easy, you can be nominated, nominate yourself or nominate a friend. We have a lot of family, friends, teachers and case workers that nominate the teens to provide them with this extraordinary day.

Submissions to
or the link below

Donations to the event are also greatly appreciated; cash, snacks and beverages for the volunteers as well as photo printers, ink and photo paper.





See more photo's from last year's event here.

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