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WE CAN HELP Poster launches July 6

July 4th, 2016

The acts of kindness, support and generosity towards Fort McMurray have made such a difference for the residents both during the period of evacuation, and now in the recovery process. As Fort McMurray residents and organizations return to the community and begin the process of healing and rebuilding their lives, the stress and need to access community resources will increase.

One of the most frustrating issues for people in times of stress is not being able to access the information and resources they need in a simple or easy way. Some Other Solutions (SOS) Society for Crisis Prevention is excited to announce the launch of the 2016/17 We Can Help Poster.  The SOS We Can Help poster has been a long time resource in the community, and an important resource for the social profit organizations in making referrals for their clients. 

“To best support the residents of Fort McMurray in this recovery process, it is our goal to expand our poster distribution this year to also include more businesses, office lunch rooms and other places that employers and employees will be able to find the resources they need,” says Madeline Austen.  It is difficult for many people to ask for help, and in times of stress, sometimes people do not know which organization to turn to. Having the poster in as many businesses and organizations as possible will ensure that the public can become more familiar with the services they may need to access.  The We Can Help Poster identifies organizational contact numbers by service area (e.g. Emergency Services, Mental Health, Shelter, etc.) and makes it easy for people to find the contact numbers for the services in the community that they need.

The poster distribution will commence July 6.  If your organization or business wants to be on the distribution list, please contact Some Other Solutions (SOS) Society for Crisis Prevention at 780-743-8605. 

Additionally the poster is available on line so the public can access it anytime they need to: Just click on the image and you'll be taken to the download page. 

Since 1986, SOS has been supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds to manage crisis situations, prevent suicide, and access community resources. “We are here to help individuals find healthy ways to cope with crisis and ultimately reduce the negative impact of trauma on our personal and professional lives. SOS provides services through 3 main programs: Information and Referral, Health and Wellness and Child and Youth Programs.” (SOS)



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