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5 Things I do Behind My Kids' Backs

April 3rd, 20162 Comments

As a parent, we all want to raise honest and kind children. To do this I try to demonstrate what good looks like to them and discuss it, even when it is uncomfortable or extra work. Like the time I used the self checkout at the grocery store and completely forgot to ring in the bag of potatoes underneath the cart. When I got to my car and realized my mistake I told my son we had to go back in. He came along and watch me admit jokingly that I almost stole from them. The teller was fantastic and joked with me but she also thanked me for coming back in to pay for them. I felt good about this lesson being witnessed by my boy and yay me! 

Now, I'm going to tell you how sometimes I'm not completely honest with my kids. I don't "lie", really, but I do withhold information. Call it what you will but some things I just do without them knowing:


Twice a year before birthdays and Christmas I do a purge of their bedrooms. I only do this when they are NOT home. I use three piles: keep, donate, recycle. When my kids are home for this task everything is for the KEEP pile. When they are gone I am very good about holding onto the things they love an use, but I am ruthless when it comes to things I haven't seen them touch for at least a year. They have never asked me where something is that I've gotten rid of, so I say good job!


With 5 kids meal prep can be a nightmare. I have two fussy ones who don't like any vegetables in food, only raw fresh veggies. Sometimes I sneak in some finely chopped mushrooms or onions or spinach and I guess I do lie when I say "it's just spices you can see, like on sour cream and onion chips". Sometimes they fall for it sometimes they don't.


"No, we don't have any chips." My husband is a chip hoarder so I'm not even going to take the blame for this one. I do aid and abed his story that there are no chips, when I know full well he has a bag or two hiding in the garage for after they go to bed. We eat them all and we totally hide the evidence. I am not even sorry for this.


I am crazy about my kids creativity and I love when they bring home their works for art from school. I always find something to point out in each piece like BUT, not everything is a work of art that needs to stay here. There are five of them! If I kept everything they brought home we'd be on a hoarder's episode so fast. So, after I've accumulated a decent sized stack I go through and pick out one or two pieces that I can't let go of and put it in their file in the file cabinet. Sometimes I frame the very special ones. The rest go in the recycling when they aren't around. I mean HUGE amounts get recycled. I feel a pang of sorrow for it but again, they never seem to notice or ask about them. And I don't have stacks of paper and crafts in every corner of my house.


Most of my kids are older now and are asleep more than they are awake, but our youngest hasn't found his love for sleeping yet like the others. When he wakes up before 7:00am on weekends and comes in our bedroom, I totally lie and tell him it's the middle of the night and he has to go back to sleep (this works better in the winter months). He snuggles in with us and we get an extra hour or two of sleep... Sometimes.

What do you fib about to your kids? Tell me I'm not alone in this!


Wendy - Publisher & Owner

Reader Comments (2)

Janine Deschambeault said on April 4, 2016

I recall several times, out of sheer exhaustion, moving the clock ahead an hour to 8 PM, then announcing, "Bedtime!" to them. When they ran to check the clock, sure enough :D

Gwen said on April 5, 2016

Oh Janine, that's brilliant! Stealing this idea :)

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