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10 Gifts to Wow Dad

May 1st, 2015

By Todd Leland

As Father Day approaches, I’m bracing myself for my wife’s cries of, “You’re so challenging to buy for!” and have put together this list of sure-fire ideas that many dads will agree with. With ideas spanning different interests and different price ranges, hopefully you’ll find one that makes the dad in your life happy!

Leatherman Wave


Where to buy it:  MEC, Cabela’s, Canadian Tire,, Home Depot

Why he’ll love it: With 100% stainless steel construction, the blades are outside-accessible, and can be deployed with just one hand. Includes a bottle opener, can opener, ruler, diamond-coated file, wood/metal file, scissors, screw drivers, wire-stripper, wire cutters, knives and pliers. There’s pretty much nothing this multi-tool can’t do, and with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, he’s sure to love it.

Bose FreeStyle Earbud


Where to buy it:

Why he’ll love it: The Tri-Port technology makes the drums pound and the bass deep. They’re sweat and weather-resistant, and the reinforced cables and connections are extra-durable...perfect for wearing when running or mountain biking or whatever keeps you active.  You can easily switch between calls and music, and they come in a specially designed carrying case that looks good and is durable.

1SI QuadcopterRTF with Camera


Where to buy it: Hobby Wholesale

Why he’ll love it: This lightweight drone features a micro digital camera that takes still photos and shoots video with control from the transmitter. Includes a 2GB micro memory card with USB card reader. This drone, though pretty much a toy, is just so cool!

Apple TV


Where to buy it: The Apple Store or

Why he’ll love it: Apple TV brings everything you could want, direct to your TV. in a ridiculously-easy to use way. Whether watching movies from iTunes or Netflix, playing content from your iOS device or Mac, or getting hooked on any number of the fantastic channels, you might just wish that winter had lasted a little longer. My personal favourite right now is Tastemade. Check it out!

Garmin GPS Watch

$180 and up

Where to buy it: MEC

Why he’ll love it: These easy-to-use trainers are great for keeping you on track with your fitness goals. The GPS provides precise speed, distance and pace date in running mode. Of course as you increase the capabilities of the Garmin GPS model that you choose, the price also increases, but if you’ve been bugging Dad to get active, his love of geeking out over technology might get him moving in the right direction.

LED Flashlight

$4.60 and up

Where to buy it: MEC and other retailers that sell flashlights

Why he’ll love it: LED flashlights are ready to go when you need it, and come in various sizes, including very inexpensive compact ones. Whether being outdoorsy or looking for something lost under the couch, having one of these on hand is sure to shed some light on any situation.

Beer Tasting, Tour and a Growler


Where to buy it: Yellowhead Brewery

Why he’ll love it: The tour runs for 30-45 minutes and includes a 19 oz pint of Yellowhead Premium Lager...but he’s going to want to come home with a growler full of this spectacular craft beer. And if he’s nice like I am, he’ll share.

Breville Barrista Express


Where to buy it: Bed Bath & Beyond

Why he’ll love it: I splurged for one of these awhile ago, and my mornings haven’t been the same since. Preparing authentic, amazing-tasting espresso-based drinks is easy; it’s also easy to geek-out at many of the bells and whistles that make pulling that perfect espresso oh-so-gratifying.

My search for the perfect espresso beans in YEG ended the moment I discovered the Italian Centre’s vast selection of legit beans. Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso Beans are my choice, and I think caffeinated-dads will agree.

Sausage Making Lessons


Where to buy it: Butchers and Packers Supplies (call 780-455-4128 to register)

Why he’ll love it: Learn how to make fresh sausage in one morning? Sign me up! Sausage-maker extraordinaire, Ed Bordador, has been teaching the class since 2001. He’s great at answering questions about fresh sausage, and just about anything else to do with smoking, cooking, and curing your meat. Which brings me to...

Bradley Smoker

$399.00 - $599.00

Where to buy it: Home Depot, Lowes, Cabela’s

Why he’ll love it: Remember how he learned to make his own sausage at Butchers and Packers? Well now he can smoke it, too...and it will leave the neighbours drooling as your yard is filled with the delicious scent of smoked meat. The Bradley Smokers eliminate drastic temperature fluctuations and interruptions of smoke production...which means the best tasting smoked foods.

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