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Halloween Security

October 11th, 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, home security becomes a top priority as hundreds of children, teenagers and adults will be walking the streets in your neighbourhood. While parents will be out trick-or-treating with their kids, several homes will be left unattended.

Going out Trick or Treating or Saying Home?

  • Don’t leave your door unlocked while out trick or treating your kids, even if it is just on your street. By installing a keyless entry system in your home you and your kids can come in and out of your home without having to worry about keys.
  • Stick close to your home on Halloween night if at all possible. Vandals love to target homes where everyone is clearly away.
  • Keep your door locked after each group of trick or treaters leaves your home.
    • Do not allow any child or adult to come into your home. Hand treats out with the door propped open or on your porch. If an adult or child says they'd like to come inside to use your phone for an emergency offer to make a phone call to the number they give you while they wait outside on your doorstep.
    • Don't feel you have to answer the door after the typical trick-or-treater rush is over. Many people open their doors freely on Halloween because they expect to see trick or treaters. Once the rush dies down, you may want to turn off your outside light to indicate you're done answering the door for the night

Other Security Tips:

  • Lock your doors 24/7.  50 percent of all break-ins are through unlocked doors!
  • Help the police help you! Make sure you keep your street address visible.  If affixing numbers to your house, they should be at least four inches high, reflective and visible from the street.
  • Been at the same house for a while? Replace your outside locks as you’ve probably given out your house key a lot through the years.
  • Backyard secure? Consider installing a fence and plants fast-growing bushes as extra barrier around the exterior of your home.
  • Got deadbolts? Most burglaries are the result of forced entry.  Make sure all exterior doors have deadbolts with at least a 1” throwbolt.

Tips courtesy of Weiser, a leader in manufacturing locksets.

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