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Cool Craft Ideas to Keep you out of the Cold

October 29th, 2011


What you’ll need:

-       ¼-cup flour and 1 cup water

-       Helium-inflated latex balloons

-       String or yarn

-       Toy bird (or make your own with construction paper)

Mix the flour and water to make a thin paste. Inflate a helium balloon for each child and have the kids dip a few feet of colorful string or yarn into the paste and let the excess run off. Wrap the paste-covered yarn around the balloon (every which way, don't worry about covering every inch) and keep wrapping until the balloon looks like a cage. Let the yarn dry by hanging it near a heating vent (not too close!) When dry, pop the balloon and discard it. Tie a length of string or yarn to a small toy bird (available at craft shops), or make your own bird with construction paper. Cut a small hole at the top of the cage, drop the bird inside, and tie the other end of the string to the bottom, making sure the bird dangles in the middle of the cage. Tie another length of string to the top and hang the bird and cage from the ceiling.


Piggy Bank

What you’ll need:

-       Helium-inflated latex balloons

-       Colourful tissue paper

-       Egg carton

-       Masking tape

-       Glue

-       Pipe cleaner, googly eyes

-       Water


Have the kids make their own piggy banks and start saving for their college educations. Inflate a helium balloon for each child and lay out several sheets of tissue paper in a variety of colors. Cut out five cups from a paper egg carton for each pig. Use masking tape to tape four cups onto the bottom of each balloon to make the pig's feet. Tape the fifth cup on the side to form the pig's snout. Tear the tissue paper into strips. Pour white glue into a shallow bowl and add a little water to thin it down. Dip a strip of tissue into the glue mixture and lay it over the balloon. Repeat until the balloon is completely covered with several layers of colorful tissue paper. Allow to dry, and then glue on googly eyes and insert a pink pipe cleaner into the tail end and curl it. When finished, parents should cut a slit at the top (popping the balloon) so the kids can insert their coins.

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