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February 23rd, 2014

By Erin Mooney

Pegboards are inexpensive and a great way to organize a craft room, closet or office space. Follow these simple steps to create your own custom organization centre.


  • frame

  • pegboard

  • pegboard hooks

  • spray paint

  • strong glue

  • hanging accessories (baskets, pots, clipboards)

  • 4 screws (length should be the thickness of your frame, plus 1”)

  • 4 drywall anchors

  • jigsaw

  • drill


Choose a frame size that’s appropriate for the space and what you want to hang. Remove the backing and glass from your frame and set the backing on the pegboard to trace the size. Following the traced lines cut your pegboard using a jigsaw.  You can also have the local hardware store cut it for you.


Spray paint the front of the pegboard, allowing the paint time to dry in between coats. If you like, you can also paint a design or pattern on by hand or using a stencil.


Run a bead of glue around the inside of the frame and press your pegboard into place. Be sure to wipe up any excess glue that squeezed out the front and allow time for the glue to dry.


Grab someone to hold the pegboard up while you mark where the screws will go on the wall. Choose a hole in each corner of the pegboard and use a screw to press a mark into the wall behind it. Set the pegboard down, find your marks and drill a hole the same diameter as your hollow drywall anchors. Press the drywall anchors into the holes. Position your pegboard on the wall and in each corner; screw through the pegboard hole and into the anchor.  


Now comes the fun part! Begin placing your pegboard hooks and hanging your items. You can use the pegboard to organize your cleaning closet, jewelry, office supplies, or even create a work station for crafting, homework or gift wrapping.

Erin is the founder of Made Urban, an online market for selling handmade goods locally. For more DIY’s or to sell your locally made goods visit

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