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Getting Ready to Sell!

March 1st, 2016

By Jerad Cox

Many families choose the springtime as the time to get ready to sell their home - and for good reason. Statistics show that the majority of homes sell in the Edmonton area during warmer months. It also allows for a healthy transition period during the summer months for kids to get accustomed to their new surroundings before heading back to a new school.

Let's be honest -  it's not easy to get ready to sell! There are tons of things to do on top of our already busy schedules, and can be stressful. Here are a few tips to work 'smarter, not harder' in preparing to sell your home.

Don't need it? Kijiji it!

Decluttering the home is the best thing you can do to prepare to sell. Depending on a) the length of time  you have lived there and b) the amount of stuff you've acquired, I suggest liquidating 25-40 per cent of the 'stuff' from the home as well as 25 per cent of the furniture as part of this process. A good rule of thumb is to remove one large piece and one small piece of furniture from your larger living spaces, and one piece of furniture from your smaller rooms. I also suggest removing personal mementos and photographs from the home. It allows home buyers to appreciate the home when they walk through it, rather than the people and stuff inside of it.

To Reno or Not to Reno?

Many people consider renovating before listing in order to maximize their sale price. While true in theory, it can backfire. What often occurs is a partially updated home can look disjointed or make the original areas look even less appealing. Or, potential home buyers don't like your  upgrades and refuse to pay both the increased sale price, and the money  to have it changed to their tastes. My suggestion is that you should only choose updates or renos that can provide continuity to the home and be done effectively without a huge labour cost.  Painting the home (yourself) within a consistent, neutral  colour palette throughout is the best example. Sweat equity works!

First Impressions

Refreshing the front yard landscaping and curb appeal is an often overlooked area when preparing your home for sale. Remember that this is the first impression a potential buyer will have when they drive up to view the property. Having fresh cut grass, swept sidewalks, and some flowers and a well-lit entrance will help to make buyers feel welcome when they arrive.

Preparing Emotionally

Remember that you must get ready not only physically to sell your home but emotionally as well. It's an excellent idea to talk through the emotions involved with leaving your current home in search of your new one. I have also found that sometimes the physical work of preparing the house for sale can also help sellers begin to adjust to their upcoming new reality. Have an open dialogue will help you to make the decision to list your home for sale or to stay for a little longer.

Following these key steps will help your preparation and allow you to get excited about the big change in your life ahead!

Home Health Tip

Want to improve your home's health and your family's as well? Make sure that you have quality air moving through your heating & cooling systems. Change your air filters on a regular schedule and get your furnaces & ducting cleaned at every two or three years (more often if you have shedding pets) to make sure that you are not breathing unnecessary particles in the air. Spring or early summer is a great time to find deals on this important service!

Jerad Cox is the proud husband and father to 4 kids, ranging in age from toddler to adult. He has been an Edmonton area Realtor since 1997, and is also a proud recipient of a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Alberta. You can find him online ( ), on twitter (@primeyegre) or in a local Starbucks working away or meeting with great clients.

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