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Interview with The Our Readers!

August 26th, 2013

We asked our readers to send their questions to The Wiggles. And boy did they ever!

What’s your favourite song to dance to?

Emma: My favourite song to dance to at the moment is "Do The Propeller" because at the live show its our finale and its so much fun seeing the whole audience standing up and dancing with us! But new songs come in and out of my head really quickly when we record new albums so I'll keep you updated!

Simon: My favorite song to dance to is Monkey Dance.

Lachy: My favourite song to dance too would have to be Captain's Magic Buttons!! We dance it on stage and its an up tempo song and has fun moves. It's also funny watching Captain choose which button and which sounds he make. They are always different and he is very funny. 


How much of the year are you on tour?

Emma: I think we are on tour about 9 months of the year so on the road we become our own family! This year we have toured all around the Australian outback for 5 months, did a quick promo tour in North America and now we are here touring 35 cities across the US/Canada.

Simon: We are on tour about 9 months of the year. Usually throughout Australia, North America, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East and the UK. 

Lachy: We tour extensively for up to 8 months of the year. This year we have already travelled to America twice! To add to that, we travel to Dubai, and New Zealand in the coming months before being back in Australia for Christmas. 

Do you have plans to make a movie?

Emma: We would absolutely love to make a movie! Recently we filmed our first TV series "Ready, Steady, Wiggle!" and we had so much fun in the studio making that, and it would be so fun to make a movie about some sort of wiggly adventure. I would definitely love an Emma room in the wiggle house where I can keep all my bows!

Simon: I'm not aware of any plans to make a movie but I would love to. We usually film 3 DVDs per year. 

Lachy: It has definitely come up in discussions, and we would all absolutely love to make another Wiggly movie. The first and only Wiggly movie made by the original Wiggles was very successful so it would be fantastic to make one with the new Wiggle line up. 

Do you like to dance every day?

Emma: Yes, it is my dream to dance everyday!!! I have always been a dancer and I love all styles of dance including jazz, tap, ballet, Irish, hip hop and contemporary and being able to dance on stage everyday is just the best! Even if we have a day off I usually dance in my room.

Simon: I love to dance everyday and I also love to sing everyday as well. 

Lachy: Absolutely. If we are not dancing, we are going for a run or doing Yoga. Its very important in our job but just in general life to keep fit and healthy so this is very important. to make sure we are always moving and using our bodies. 

What's your favourite city to perform in?

Emma: I think in the whole world its really nice to perform in Sydney because most of my family is from Sydney and because we tour so much we don't get to see them all the time so its nice to perform for them. Usually we get to perform in Sydney around Christmas so I always have fond memories performing at home, like last year we performed in Sydney for the big Christmas Carols there with the original wiggles and even though we were being introduced as the new cast of the wiggles it was a lovely farewell to Murray, Greg & Jeff.

Simon: I love to perform in New York. It's always been a dream of mine to perform on Broadway. 

Lachy: My favourite city to perform in would have to be the very remote parts of Australia that we have been to this year. There is something very special about driving into a small town in the middle of the outback and performing for sometimes only a few hundred people. The children always are so happy during the show as they very rarely see any live entertainment, and the parents always thank us at the end, saying, thank you so much for coming all this way to see us. :)

Anything exciting you'd like to tell us about?

Emma: Well our TV series "Ready, Steady, Wiggle!" has just come out on Sprout in the US and Treehouse in Canada so that's the most exciting thing lately. But also in the lead up to Halloween we have a new CD & DVD coming out titles "Wiggly Halloween" which is so cool and different because we have never done a Halloween DVD and all the costumes we get to dress up in in this video are so interesting! We hope you like it!!

Simon: We are currently on our North American tour. Touring 35 cities with The Wiggles and all of our friends, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword. Our DVD Taking Off has been released and our new TV series Ready Steady Wiggle is now on Treehouse and Sprout. 

Lachy: Well lots of very exciting things. We have our very first Halloween release on CD and DVD and also our brand new TV series. Now this is so exciting because the Wiggles have not had a series on television for about 6 years. We also are in the process of completely changing and revamping our website which will include lots of new material including fun new games and videos to watch. so that is very exciting too. 

Do you have anything else you'd like to add?

Emma: I would like to say a big hello to everyone in North America and if you are coming to see the show we cant wait to see you there! We also have Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword all singing and dancing in the show! Get ready for some of your favorite songs like Hot Potato and Rock-a-bye your bear as well as new songs like Do The Propeller and Emma is the girl with the bow in her hair! Its going to be a lot of fun!

Simon: Keep singing, keep dancing and keep on Wiggling. 

Lachy: I would just like to thank everyone who has come to the show or has bought tickets to see us this year in North America. We really look forward to seeing you at the show. If you haven't yet bought tickets, come and see us, because this is a very exciting time in The Wiggles history. A brand new show with a new cast and lots of fun to be had. Look forward to seeing you at the show!




ON AUGUST 31ST, 2013 AT 11:30AM & 3:00PM

Tickets available here.

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