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Kids Go Free!

October 31st, 2015

AMA Roadside Assistance now follows them wherever they go.

You feed them and clothe them and tell them they’re special. You try to give them a good moral compass and some street smarts. And then, before you know it, your babies are running around in the world without you.

Whether it’s carpooling with the neighbors or getting picked up by “Jeremy’s brother’s friend’s cousin” it can be a little gut-wrenching to watch those tail lights take your teens or toddlers away.

If you’re an AMA member, keeping your kids safe when they’re out on the road without you just got a whole lot easier. AMA’s new Kids Go Free member benefit let’s Plus or higher members pass on all the perks and privileges of membership to their children 15 years and under.

The best part? It’s totally free of charge for Plus and Premier Members, you just need to add them online or by phone (1.800.222.6400) and AMA will mail out a membership card for each child. Put it in their backpack. Sew it into their underwear. It may be just an uncomfortable piece of plastic to them, but to you that’s some golden peace of mind.

Kids Go Free covers your children when they’re out getting groceries with the nanny, at the movies with grandma, or even when they’ve hot-wired a car and are heading for the provincial border (we’re kidding, please don’t teach your kids to hot wire cars or tell them which way the border is).

The point is, no matter where they are or who they’re with, your membership benefits like AMA Roadside Assistance are just a phone call away. Battery boosts, tire service, fuel delivery, locksmith and towing benefits follow your child no matter whose vehicle they are riding in, or where in the neighbourhood they are when the chain falls off of their bike.

If your kids or their chauffeur do get in a jam, either the kids or one of their older chauffeurs can call AMA for rescue service. AMA will phone you first to let you know what’s happening, that your kids are okay and that a singing tow truck driver is on his way.

So what’s the catch? Well, each time they come running, it counts as a normal service call from the parent’s membership. AMA members get five free service calls each year. You do need to be a Plus or Premier AMA Member to take advantage of this, so if you have a Basic membership you can pay about $40 to upgrade to the Plus, and then add all of your kids (15 and under) – for free!

Almost a million Albertans belong to the AMA family and you know what they say about strength in numbers. Your membership doesn’t just cover the tow trucks, it helps fund programs like the AMA School Safety Patrol, where 15,000 young leaders keep our kids a little safer in school zones.

Kids Go Free may just be the best thing AMA has done for moms and dads since they started teaching pre-schoolers how to drive.

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