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Summer Bucket List - Made by Mama Part 2

August 4th, 2015

Local Mom and Wee piggies owner, Diane McLean, created an Alberta Summer bucket list for her family. She has one daughter, Kana, who just turned two a few months ago and decided this summer was all about making memories. 

In keeping with our Summer #BigBackyardECM theme, we've asked her to share some of her adventure with us. We're hoping they'll inspire you this summer! 

This is the second installment of her adventures!

The Edmonton Corn Maze

This is one of my FAVOURITE spots in #YEG. From the huge in-ground trampolines, tractor rides, shooting potatoes, the farm animals, slides off the hay bales and of course the maze, there are HOURS of fun. We usually like to head there a couple times a year. Pack a lunch! They have some treats ( I recommend the cherry slushes) oh and don’t forget to get your kettle corn too!

Edmonton Valley Zoo

This place is always a hit ! My daughter loves the Zebras, as she did last year as well. The merry-go-round too! I am hoping by next year she will be ready for the paddle boats because the inner child in me REALLY wants to do the paddle boats!

PS: be sure to get some ice cream.

Fox Creek Spray Park

Now this wasn’t on our Bucket List …. But we put it on there !

There is a hidden little gem in the town of Fox Creek. Most people just pass on through, however if you are heading that direction and need to break up the drive with kiddos, this park is fantastic. One of the best spray parks I have been to. It is on a timer so you will need to push the button to get the water going. The beauty is that because it is such a small town, there is hardly ever anyone there. We had the whole park to ourselves for 2 days, and there is a nice little playground along with swing sets right next to the spray park !

Alberta Legislature Grounds

Ok, I lived in the beautiful city for 7 years … this was a first for me as well. Now that I have been here, I can’t believe I waited this long. These grounds are absolutely beautiful! We packed up a picnic for supper and headed to the grounds. My daughter played in the wading pools, we strolled through the paths, found a nice spot sit and ate some supper. A beautiful evening.

Marine Life- West Edmonton Mall

I am going to be honest….. I didn’t even know this place existed until just recently. It is quite small, but none the less my daughter enjoyed watching the fish swim and kept saying “ hi “ to them ! 

It was a good rainy day activity and I could sneak in a bit of shopping too!

Whitecourt Rotary Park

This is definitely an Alberta hidden gem! The hubby has been working in Fox Creek and we frequently take off for the weekend to visit him. The rotary park is along the way and its nice to break up the drive. There are two river slides, a splash park , and a playground. With it being an hour away from the city it is a perfect day trip for kiddos. SO FUN!!!! PS: Bring your inflatable tube!

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