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8 Tips for Preparing Your Child (and You) for Walking to School

August 25th, 2014

By Sherilyn Serafinchan

Here are some tips from KidProof on walking to school:

  1. chose a path with your child and walk it with them the first time. 
  2. identify places to go for help along the way if necessary
  3. chose a path that is as close to as many houses or stores, etc as possible
  4. avoid wooded areas
  5. it's a good idea to have 2 paths and don't always take the same one
  6. ask your child which path they are taking that day
  7. good idea to allow your child to carry cell phone with them (even old cell phones that you are not using will still work to call 911 as long as you had an active plan at one time and still have battery power)
  8. instruct them to walk on the side furthermost side of the sidewalk, away from the road

Sherilyn has been operating Kidproof for 5 years in the Edmonton area. We are focusing on helping educate children to be responsible for their personal safety. Kidproof works to ensure all their programs are current and effective for children. Sherilyn comes from an education background where she spent 12 years teaching junior high school students in west Edmonton so she has seen the need for Kidproof programming first hand. Currently her and her husband are raising 3 year old twins, which keep a person very well grounded and vested in child safety. The well being of children has become her calling.


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