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Working Out with Kids

March 1st, 2015

By Deanne Ferguson

I hate working out. I have never been athletic. I didn’t even know where my triceps were six months ago never mind the best exercises to tone them. But then I found out I have arthritis in my back. The doctor said there is no cure. All I could do was strengthen my core through exercise. His exact words were, “You have the least amount of muscles in your stomach that I have seen in someone your age.” That hurt. I didn’t want to go to the gym in the evening or wake up early and sneak in a workout before my husband left for work so I started looking at classes I could bring my kids along to.

Here are my top six picks for places to work out in the Edmonton area with kids:

Fit Mommy: Fit Mommy operates out of the Gym at the Edmonton Garrison. She offers classes during the day and evening. There is no limit on how many kids you bring or their age. All are welcome. She has the best selection of music and is quick to adapt an exercise if you have to pick up a screaming toddler. Warning: She is a Mom and has eyes in the back of her head. She will catch you cheating and make you do more burpees! You can find her on Facebook: Fit Mommy Fitness and Twitter: @fitmommyyeg

Healthy Rhino: Healthy Rhino is located on 14810 Stony Plain Road. It is a small studio that offers personal training, circuit training, strength training, and small group classes. Their play area is fantastic for younger kids. They have a great selection of toys that will keep your baby/toddler entertained for the duration of your workout. Most of the people working out here do not bring their kids but they love to see the kids play while they work out. The instructor is a Dad so completely understands if you need to get your child a drink of water but don’t expect to get out of those sit ups. He will make you finish your full set! No excuses. You can find them at, Facebook: Healthy Rhino and Twitter: @Healthyrhino

SoulSpin – Soulspin is a boutique fitness studio that focuses on cycling. They offer a variety of classes to give you a full body workout. They are located at 208 Sioux Road in Sherwood Park. They offer child minding almost every day so you can choose what day works best for you. The kids are in a separate room which allows you to completely focus on your workout. The staff is amazing with kids and there are tons of toys to keep your kids busy the entire session. You can find more information at, Facebook: Soulspin and Twitter: @SoulspinSherPrk

True Yoga – True Yoga is a small yoga studio located just off Whyte Avenue. They offer classes for all levels as well as babysitting services for a few morning classes a week. The ladies that do the babysitting are amazing. They are great with all ages and look like they really love hanging out with the kids. I was a bit nervous about going to a yoga studio (I am not the most coordinated or Zen person) But the instructor was great. She walks around helping everyone and really encourages you to do only what your body can handle. For a full list of classes offered please visit or find them on Facebook: True Yoga Edmonton

HotMama Health + Fitness – These classes are popping up everywhere in the Edmonton Area offering a wide range of classes from yoga to boot camps. One of their most popular classes is the Toddler Tag-Out. Half of the group works out while the other half watches the kids. Then they switch. This means no childcare costs plus you get to get out and meet other Moms in your area. To see a full list of their classes please visit Twitter: @HotMamaFitness1 Facebook: Hot Mama Health & Fitness

SurfSet Edmonton – If you have older kids and want to do something fun and different you HAVE to check out SurfSet. This is a 45 minute class where you will be having so much fun you won’t realize how hard you are working. Until you wake up the next morning and can’t walk. But it is a “can’t walk in a really really good way” kind of hurt. For a full list of classes including when their kids sessions and “Mom & Baby” classes are please visit You can also find them on Twitter @SurfSetEdm

Deanne Ferguson is the owner of Box Social Events and loves planning family friendly events in Edmonton. When she is not planning events she is busy playing LEGO and building blanket forts with her two boys.

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