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Summer at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre

July 18th, 2016

Summer is finally here, and the Oil Sands Discovery Centre is once again offering a range of science-based daycamps for children aged 5 to 10. Have you ever wanted to extract DNA from a strawberry? At the Oil Sands Discovery Centre this summer, you can! By mashing up a strawberry in a mixture of water, salt, and dish soap, and then adding cold isopropyl alcohol, it’s possible to separate out the DNA strands from each individual cell. This is just one of many cool activities that children will be able to try in our 2016 Summer Science Camps. (In case you’re wondering, the reason we use strawberries is that strawberries are octoploid, meaning that each cell has eight sets of chromosomes, rather than the two we find in human cells. Simply put, strawberries have a lot more DNA that can be extracted.) 

Each camp at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre is three or four days long, and is targeted at a specific two-year age range, so activities are sure to be appropriate for each group. Our camps are different every year, which means there will be new things for children to try, even if they have participated in the past. This year, campers will mix bubbling potions, build catapults, practice magic tricks, dig up dinosaurs, grow crystals, design their own gliders, and more! All of our camps give children the chance to explore and have fun as they learn about the world around them.

Visit us online at for a full list of camp themes and descriptions, along with information on how to register. To help welcome everyone back to Fort McMurray, all camp fees this year will be by donation. Space is filling up fast, so please register early!

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