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Tom’s Epic Journey

May 29th, 2015

Tom Young will be fulfilling a long time goal of his on June 17, 2015.  Tom will be cycling from Calgary, AB to Langley, BC.  When the Fort McMurray Autism Support Group heard about Tom’s Epic Journey we wanted to provide as much support as possible.  Tom has been a resident here in McMurray since 1995 where he raised his family.  Tom’s son Dylan, now 22 is also still a resident in Fort McMurray and is severely affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In talking with Tom about his journey raising Dylan and getting the supports and services along the way that his child needs we could relate to why Tom wants to complete this personal goal for himself. Tom would also like to spread some Autism Awareness during his long journey and hopefully raise some funds for the Fort McMurray Autism Support Group to help provide more opportunities in the community for children and adults like his son Dylan.

Only a couple weeks stand between Tom and his goal and we are determined to make his ride a success.  We would like to send Tom out with as much hometown support as possible with a kick off to his epic journey at Down town Boston Pizza June 15 6-8pm.   This is an amazing community awareness campaign, a lot of people have already donated allowing the Fort McMurray Autism Support Group to follow through with some of Tom’s goals for Autistic youth and Adults in our community, Funding programs and providing resources.

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