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February 23rd, 2014

Submitted by Fort McMurray Public Library

Here we are in 2014 – can you believe it??  Spring is just around the corner!  As we continue our good wishes and plans for a New Year, our health and the health of our children is always a priority.  Whether you’re thinking of healthy eating, good hygiene, or keeping fit, your Library has the information you and your kids need to make good choices!  Here are some recommendations from the wonderful Children’s Services staff at your Fort McMurray Public Library:

Healthy Eating by Honor Head

Introduce your kids to healthy eating with a book that teaches them all about food groups, nutrition, why healthy eating is important, and making healthy yet delicious choices when it comes to snacks!  As a part of the “Let’s Read and Talk About” series, this book also contains good information for parents to continue the learning in everyday situations.

The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active & Feeling Great for Monsters & Kids by Edward Miller                 

Miller uses interesting and funny facts, as well as eye catching illustrations to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Monster Health teaches kids how to make good choices, understand food labels, and why it’s important to exercise, all while promoting a healthy body image and sense of uniqueness.  This is sure to catch your child’s attention!

Wash and Clean by Sue Barraclough

Wash and Clean compares animal hygiene habits to human habits and how keeping clean helps all animals to stay healthy.  Barraclough presents the differences and similarities between us and the animal world, and kids learn some healthy habits along the way – such as, why it’s important to floss your teeth and how monkeys do it!

Don’t Sweat It!: Every Body’s Answers to Questions You Don’t Want To Ask by Marguerite Crump

Growing up is hard to do, especially when a kid enters puberty and their bodies change.  New issues start to arise – and new odors, sometimes, too!  Good hygiene can make a big difference in how kids feel about themselves, and this book makes it a little easier.  A great and lighthearted resource for all the answers to the uncomfortable questions kids might not want to ask.  

Stay Fit by Sarah Tieck

Staying fit is a big part of a healthy lifestyle for anyone, but especially for kids!  Tieck presents information on different types of exercise, why they are good for you, and how to get started.  Play is a major component – but kids also learn how to find the right amount of exercise that is good for them, and how to do things like monitor their heart rate and incorporate nutrition into their routine.  Also included are free, simple, fun things that kids can do (that also happen to involve them being active)!

My Friend the Doctor by Joanna Cole

For the little ones who might be afraid of a visit to the doctor, follow Hannah on her visit to the doctor for a routine checkup. Colourful illustrations and happy people help demonstrate that the doctor’s office isn’t a scary place at all!

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