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Let Me Tell You a Story About...Summer Fun & Travel

June 25th, 2015

By Jessie Levesque

Summer Days and Summer Nights by Wong Herbert Yee

Rhyming text follows a little girl as she takes the reader through the perfect summer from sunrise to sunset. The gentle story and soft illustrations of walking through meadows and picnics will make the reader nostalgic for their summer days in the country.

Zoomer’s Summer Snowstorm by Ned Young

On a hot summer day Zoomer decides he wants to use the snow cone machine to make a tasty treat but accidently overfills it. Before long he has made animals, vehicles and even an amusement park out of snow! Zoomer and his goofy adventure would be an excellent addition to any story time.

Train by Elisha Cooper

Climb aboard and take a journey from the east to west coast. This book will make your little ones feel like they are on a railway adventure with the sights, smells and sounds of the railways. Maybe they will even get to see the conductor!

Backseat A-B-See by Maria Van Lieshout

Whether it is a cross country adventure or a jaunt across town, there is no end to what a child can see from the backseat of a car. This book is a clever twist on the alphabet books and will give your little ones a game to play as you are cruising around this summer. Be sure to look for the library sign!

Summer Wonders by Bob Raczka

The bright illustrations and whimsical text of this book celebrate all things summer- from swimming in the pool to catching fireflies at night. Young readers will delight at the simple, easy to read, story that captures summer fun.

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah by Allan Sherman

This silly old camp song in which a camper describes all the horrors of camp Granada gets a revamp with these hilarious illustrations. You and your children will laugh along as the camper begs his parents to come home only after one day of being at camp. This is also a perfect book for a camper who is experiencing some overnight separation anxiety.

Joe and Sparky Get new Wheels by Jamie Michalak

When a worrisome turtle and an outgoing giraffe stumble across a car outside of their zoo the two set off for the ride of their lives! The illustrations are brightly colored and pair wonderfully with the silly about friendships. Young readers will want to hit the road with Joe and Sparky day after day.

Duck, Duck Moose by Dave Horowitz

Moose doesn’t usually go south for the winter but with the pancake hut closed until spring and his friend bear off hibernating, he decides he should make the trip with duck and other duck. Anyone who has ever been on a road trip before will delight in seeing Moose experience the wonderment of it for the first time. The bold and exciting text will have this being a story time favourite in no time.

Summer’s Vacation by Lynn Plourde

Summer is too busy having fun shaping sand castles, splashing in the waves, munching on berries, and camping under a blanket of stars to do her chores. However, when she goes for a hike to the top of a mountain she sees that her vacation has stopped summer from coming. This book is perfect for starting a conversation with you and your little ones about plans for the summer.

Jessie Levesque is a Library Technician at the Fort McMurray Public Library. For more information about these books, and all of the Library’s programs, visit

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