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LSF Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability

October 31st, 2013

Students in picture: Muhammad Oshodi, Nabil Saeed, Mohamed Abdo, and Ahsan Rashid.

The Fort McMurray Islamic School is basking in some national attention today as they were recognized for their environmental achievements when they received the runner up position for the LSF Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability.

“I think it all started last year with our recycling program,” said FMIS teacher Emilie Giroux.  “We were awarded a $300.00 prize from the Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) EcoLeague Action Project for our innovative recycling program.  We not only recycled paper, we collaborated with a company that recycled wrappers from things like cookies, chocolate bars and baggies.  They recycled the wrappers into things like park benches and garbage cans - and in return they gave a charitable donation to the school.  Last year we sent in over 9000 items!”  After that award the public started to take notice.  “Shaw cable came and did a story us and we were in the newspapers …. then we won second place for The Amazing Waste Race (a program organized by RMWB that teaches students to be environmentally responsible by presenting them with a list of challenges).  That was exciting - we had a garage sale, setup an idle free zone outside the school for parents that were picking up their kids; we did a waste scavenger hunt and had daily green tips on the school announcements with ways to reduce waste.  We even made a video of everything and set it up on the school website.”

So how did the Jack Layton Award come into play?  “After we won the first grant we were getting a lot of information from the LSF.  One thing that was emailed out to us was the nomination form for the Jack Layton Award.  My Vice Principal, David Parsons saw it and  knew about all the great things we had been doing, so together we nominated the school.  LAS just told us Tuesday morning that we were the runner’s up out of 120 schools nationwide!”

Learning for a Sustainable Future is a non-profit Canadian organization designed to “empower our children to change the world … transforming Canada’s education system through innovative programs that empower youth and educators to create more sustainable communities.” (  The program is designed to teach students how to link education to action so they can be “a new generation of responsible citizens … to promote, through education, the knowledge, skills, values, perspectives, and practices essential to a sustainable future.”.

The LSF Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability was created to honour Jack Layton’s optimism and hope that the youth of Canada was the key to creating a more sustainable future. By being awarded the runner-up title, the FMIS will receive $250 they can put towards a sustainability-related action project.

For more information on Fort McMurray Public School projects and programs, visit our website at or call 780-799-7900.








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