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Create a Winter Wonderland Indoors - DIY Snowflake Project

November 5th, 2014

By Dawn Booth

Setting the mood for the holiday season is a lot of fun, but it can get very expensive if you’re buying brand new decorations or just starting to compile your Christmas collection. With this easy, do-it-yourself project, you can create a wintery feeling without breaking the bank.

Crafting these three-dimensional paper snowflakes are the perfect way to add a whole lot of holiday to your home or office and can be made in the following quick fool-proof steps:


  • 6 pieces of paper (You can use classic white or get creative with different colours and patterns)

  • Scissors

  • Clear tape

  • A stapler

  • Clear line or string

Step 1 - Gather the materials

The best part about a DIY project is that, quite often, all the needed materials can be found around your home. Since paper is the most material used in this project, think green and seek out some that is already available. (Check the office for computer paper or the playroom for construction paper.)

Step 2 – Fold each piece of paper in half, diagonally.

The paper used can be as large or little as you like. However, the most important part of this step is to make sure the paper is a perfect triangle, once folded. If the triangle doesn’t match up, make sure it’s equal by cutting off the access paper. Then, fold it in half again to make another triangle.

Step 3 – Cut 5 lines in the triangle.

Before making any cuts, make note to the folded side of the triangle and position the scissors along the fold. Proceed to make five even diagonal cuts towards the edges, but don’t cut all the way through. You want the end result to have evenly matched strips in the paper.

Step 4 – Unfold the triangle.

When the paper is unfolded, it should look like the photo shown below. Once you have the triangle unfolded back into its original square, turn the square to look like a diamond shape. From your view at top, the fold should run vertically.

Step 5 – Taping tubes in the diamond.

Keeping your diamond shape in the same position, use clear tape to connect the first inner two points together. When you are complete, it should look like a tiny tube in the center of the diamond.

Step 6 – Turn the diamond over.

Turn the diamond over and do the same with the next two points. Flip and follow with the next two points. Repeat this step, until all points are taped together. By the end, the 3D part of your flake will start to take shape.

Step 7 – Repeat Steps 3 to 6 with the remaining 5 pieces of paper.

Step 8 – Join 3 of the completed 3D shapes together at one end with one staple.

Take three of the 3D pieces and match up the pointed end. The ends should match up perfectly with the fold in the points. (For smaller snowflakes, use clear tape or white glue instead.)

Step 9 – Repeat step for the remaining 3 pieces.

Step 10 – Staple both pieces together in the middle.

Step 11 – Staple where each of the 6 arms meet.

To create stability and the full form of the flake, you need to bring it together by stapling each of the flake “arms” together. See picture for the finished flake.

Step 12 – Use string to hang and you’re complete!

*This DIY Project was Pinterest-inspired. For many more holiday decorating ideas and easy homemade projects, follow Dawn Booth’s “Christmas is Coming” board on Pinterest at User Name: DawnBoothYMM.

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