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MORE Fire Babies!

July 12th, 2016

"I wanted to share that we also had our baby girl during the evacuation. She was born May 8 at 5:56am on the way to Edmonton. Literally! We didn't quite make it to the hospital...with our doula Heather (also from fort Mac), midwife Jenni on speaker phone talking to me and a 911 operator on the phone with my boyfriend, we delivered her right there on the side of the highway. We had been staying in Whitecourt where our good friends live and planned to deliver in Edmonton. We couldn't get a hotel room in the city until that Sunday which is why we weren't there sooner. Never in a million years would I have imagined my spouse would be delivering our baby. It all just happened so fast and we are happy to announce her safe arrival thanks to Keith's great "doctor" skills. Lol. After all the chaos of being evacuated and uncertainty of whether or not our home still stood, all I longed for in terms of my labor was for it to be peaceful and as natural as possible. This clearly wasn't the case however, it was the best Mother's Day gift this momma could have asked for! Introducing Miss Arie Grace. Born May 8 (Mother's Day) at 5:56am on Highway 43 in the back of our F-350."

"Our little blessing amongst the storm was born on May 26, 2016, a day before his due date. Thankfully he stayed in womb til then so mommy and daddy could gather baby things. His name is Luke Jordache, with his middle name having special significance as its after my cousin who is a local fire fighter in Fort McMurray. Given our very scary and close call with flames during the evacuation and all that entailed in the weeks to follow, we wanted this little man to have a special name." 

"I went into labour on my due date, May 3, the day of the evacuation. My husband Stefan and I drove north from our home in Thickwood, unsure exactly where we were headed. We made it to Ruth Lake Lodge at the Clean Harbours site where we found an ambulance. From there we were escorted to Suncor Firebag, where the hospital had been evacuated to, and then flown south to Edmonton in a medivac plane. I delivered our daughter the next day at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton."

"Here is the story of Claire Daisy's birth. I was induced the morning of the 3rd as I was a week overdue. Left the hospital in the morning to carry on about our day and wait for the action. A few hours later while sitting on my friends deck watching the ash fall like snow, I started to go into labor. Jordan (my spouse) and I headed to Booster Juice for a little pick me up before having our baby. While waiting for him my friend called saying there was a voluntary evacuation for Abasand. We drove back to her place in Timberlea to drop off our pup, since at this time they were not under evacuation. She decided to drive me to the hospital so Jordan could go home and collect a few things including our kitty before meeting me there. As we headed downtown we could see the traffic backing up going into Abasand, at this point we were under a mandatory evacuation. We get to the hospital and we can tell things are about to get serious as there was an eeriness in the hospital. Smoke had covered downtown and the Abasand area, you could even see the flames on the hill from the hospital parking lot. Shortly after arriving we were told to move ourselves to the main area where everyone was waiting for the next move. All the nurses were hustling around, trying to organize for the evacuation. We were all asked to head down to the main lobby as we are all to get on a bus and head to Noralta Lodge. As we were sitting in the lobby some nice ladies were giving away bottles of water and sandwiches and helping us get water for our pets (props to the hospital for allowing us to have our furry family members accompany us in there). Once the buses arrived, we were loaded on and started our journey. The nurses were incredible, making us comfortable as best they could considering the circumstances and the fact they were all dealing with the same issues as us, not knowing the state of their homes and pets, etc.

By the time we got to Noralta Lodge, the camp was full so we continued on, heading towards Fire Bag. It took us roughly 9 hrs to get there, all the while I'm in the early stages of labour. Once arriving at the Fire Bag Aerodome we were boarded into a West Jet plane waiting for our departure to Edmonton. A few hours after that we arrived at the airport where an ambulance was waiting to take us to Misericordia Hospital. Finally, once we arrived at the hospital we could catch up with our families and let them know we were ok and try to grasp what was happening back in our beautiful city.

At 21:19 on May 4th, the entire world stopped for a moment as we welcomed our beautiful little angel Claire Daisy into the world at 7lbs 7oz. She was the absolute perfect gift to be given at a time when it felt like everything was being taken. We ended up incredibly lucky and the outpouring of support and love from family, friends and strangers was absolutely amazing. We came to the hospital with nothing and left with everything and more. We could never repay the kindness we were shown that day and we'll be forever grateful to the nursing staff at both Northern Lights Regional Hospital and Misericordia Hospital for the healthy arrival of our baby girl."

FMCM would like to thank these families for sharing their stories with us! 

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