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Picking the Perfect Name for Your Baby

March 1st, 2016

By Angie Goredema

I never saw her. I was told that she died a year before I was born. I don’t know much about her, but one thing I know for sure is that her name was Angie. I was named after her because my dad believed that I was sent from heaven to replace the deceased sister. Angie means messenger, so my father truly believed that I was sent from heaven to comfort him as he was mourning his older Angie.

I felt kind of special growing up carrying my sister’s name because from what I heard, she was a special young woman who was so beautiful and intelligent. Carrying her name automatically meant that I was special too. My dad was probably paranoid that something might happen to me and he would lose me too so he overprotected me and wanted me to be happy all the time. In my opinion, my happiness mostly came from getting everything I wanted since my dad could not say no to his angel. As a kid, I knew that if I asked my dad he would go out of his way to get me what I wanted all because I was Angie. He never told me that, but that’s what I think or at least tell myself.  

Almost three decades after my dad named me, I became a parent and together with my husband (Bernard) had to pick names for our own children. We got the ultrasound confirmation that we were having a baby boy; Bernard suggested that we name the baby after his dad, Albert. Our baby will be Albert the second. I agreed because I had heard so many wonderful things about my father in law whom I never met because he passed away before I met his son. I also thought it will be so interesting for my son to say, “I am Albert and I was born in Alberta.”

When baby’s due date was closer Bernard changed his mind about using his dad’s name and said we could be creative and think of a fresh name for our first born. I suggested the name Jonathan, but Bernard was not a big fan of my choice so he thought of compromising and came up with Nathan. I wasn’t disappointed because the two names have the same meaning: God’s gift. Our son was surely a gift so I was happy with Nathan.

A few weeks before our second baby was born I mentioned to my husband that I had thought of a perfect name for our daughter. She was going to be Nathalie because she was a Christmas baby. Another reason was simply that Nathan and Nathalie would just be perfect for our two children. That was Nathalie.

It wasn’t too long before another naming opportunity knocked on our door. Another baby girl! Personally, I didn’t want another “Nat…” like the other two children. This third pregnancy had been so different so I thought she should be a Samantha or Amanda. However, Bernard wanted to continue with the “Nat” pattern so without any hesitation he said baby will be Natasha. At first I didn’t think that was a perfect name because this name is traditionally reserved for Christmas babies, but ours was a July baby. Bernard’s mind was unchangeable so I had to embrace the name and to my surprise I ended up thanking my husband (in my heart of course) for picking that name since Natasha looks a lot like her big sister Nathalie. Since they look alike I am happy that they have names with the same meaning after all I have the same love for them. Another reason is that Nathalie’s pregnancy had started as a twin pregnancy, but one sac wasn’t viable so when we were blessed with another baby girl, like my dad I thought heaven was giving me what I had lost. Even though the two girls are almost three years apart, I call them twins. They are my twins.  

We also gave our children Shona middle names. They are Mudiwa, Wadiwa, and Tadiwa. These three names carry the same meaning – loved. They are all loved.  

Angie Goredema is a proud young mom of three beautiful children: Nathan, Nathalie and Natasha. She is a part time shopaholic who is also into scrapbooking and writing. Angie graduated from the Leadership Wood Buffalo Program in 2015. She is currently on maternity leave and spending more time with her precious children.


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