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FMCM Kids in the Community

Fundraising to Support Canadian Cancer Society

March 31st, 2016

photographed by Delightful Perception Photography

Kashif & Shazia’s daughters, Noor & Ujaala, are participating in fundraising to support Canadian Cancer Society - to make an impact and make cancer history!

They're also donating their hair "for people who don't have hair" according to them.

This will be in April claimed as daffodil month by Cancer Society.

Hair Trends Fort McMurray 14:00 on April 5th

Their fund raising page can be viewed by clicking the following link.

UPDATE: Another child takes part in the fundraising.

I am 5 years-old and this is my first fundraiser. It takes 8” to
make a wig. I plan to grow 5” of my hair and donate 10” to
make a wig for someone suffering from cancer.
We all know someone suffering with this disease and we can
all make a difference no matter how old we are. You are more
than welcome to join my fundraiser.
I plan to cut my hair in April for Daffodil Month.
To donate online go to and
look up my fundraiser Chandra-lily, or contact my
mother, Vonda Bobart, at


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