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Rev Up your energy - Five Tips to Increase Your Energy Levels

June 26th, 2013

By: Alexis Holloway

Your children are running around the playground, nonstop. They don’t seem to need a break. You do. Your energy is zapped but you try to make the most of it and enjoy your time together. Being a parent is exhausting but there are many ways to manage your energy levels. Avoid these common mistakes that can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and so tired!

Wardrobe Overload!
If your closet is lined with everything from yoga pants to evening gowns it is easy to become overwhelmed on a busy morning. Clean out your closet and keep the items you wear the most. Don’t hold on to older items or “fat” clothes “just in case”. Eliminate those painful shoes. Just keep one pair for special occasions. You will feel more organized and have one less thing to deal with on hectic days.

Delegate tasks where you can. Let the kids over a certain age take on their assigned chores. You can still encourage that they perform them but don’t feel the need to criticize their technique. As long as it gets done it is one thing that can be taken off your already overloaded plate.

Being hypercritical of yourself.
You do A LOT. You may not feel like you get the credit you deserve sometimes but you are doing a great job. Don’t beat yourself up for something you did or did wrong. Apologize to yourself, forgive your mistakes and move on. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend and you will learn to appreciate yourself like you deserve.

Unhealthy Eating.
We have all done it from time to time. You are exhausted from your day and you still need something for dinner. The fast food chain is appealing but the options can seriously zap your energy. Try to choose healthier options when possible and only use that quick meal as a special treat.

Toxic Relationships.
All relationships take work. If you have a friend who constantly brings out the worst side of you then it might be time to cut that person loose. Positivity goes a long way. Stop wasting each other’s time and energy and move on.

Alexis Holloway, Director of Community Development at the HUB Family Resource Centre.

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