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Sports Corner - Habitually Healthy

February 23rd, 2014

By Barb Henning

Prior to birth, expectant parents greedily devour books such as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and do everything they can to ensure their baby is born healthy.  But, once the baby is born, what many parents compromise on is their own health.  Their sports take a back seat to baby.  Excuses pile up, weight gain ensues, and soon an active lifestyle is only a dim and distant memory.

Thankfully today there are no excuses for parents to not maintain their fitness.  If you don’t have the time to go to the gym or the money to pay a babysitter, find an activity that includes baby.  One of the best multisport child carriers on the market, the Chariot, can be used with children newborn to age five.  The Chariot allows you to stroll, hike, bike, ski and run – with your child happily protected from the elements.  The major benefit of owning a carrier like a Chariot is that your child grows up seeing their role model (you!) biking to the corner store, walking to school, and strolling from store to store instead of driving.  Next time you’re heading to MacDonald Island, pack up your child and take them for a test spin in a Chariot stroller.  The stroller was donated by Habitual Sports so parents could remain active with their child no matter the weather.  The stroller can be signed out at the Public Library and used on the indoor track.

So this spring, make exercise a regular part of your family’s life and become habitually healthy.

Barb Hennig is a mother of 2 teenage boys and is co-owner of Back on Track Health & Wellness and Habitual Sports. Barb is a fitness enthusiast and has dedicated her life to helping people achieve their greatest health potential.

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