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Central Alberta Children's Festival Celebrates 10 Years!

May 1st, 2016

In the heart of the city, nestled in the beautiful Rotary Recreation Park, one of Red Deer's best kept secrets, the Central Alberta Children’s Festival celebrates its 10th year on June 3rd & 4th of 2016. If you and your family have never had the opportunity to attend, you must make it a “must do” for this year.

The uniqueness of the Children’s Festival although Family Services of Central Alberta is the main catalyst it is organized by a group of volunteers, including staff from Family Services Central Alberta Children's Festival is truly about community. The festival organizing committee strives to engage families providing them with great cultural experiences, opportunity to explore, express themselves and strengthen their family connection as well as connect to others. The opportunities and experiences in the park are provided by community organizations connecting participants to a range of diverse experiences. The Children's Festival fun and activities are designed to engage families no matter what their family structure is.

The one thing that families tell us they appreciate the most is that once they pay at the gate they don't have to open up their wallet again. Everything in the park is included in the gate admission. Children can get their face painted, have a snack and dance to the music, sing along with the entertainers and just enjoy the park.

The Central Alberta Children's Festival is about “Experiences” and "Memory Makers".  If you have ever had a conversation with a family that has attended the festival they will easily share with you their favorite activity in the park and how they look forward to it every year. We respect and celebrate the various cultures and the diversity of our community by exposing families to as many different culture and diverse backgrounds that we have in our community through entertainment and activity tents.  Culture is everywhere and is a part of our everyday lives, the festival provides families, volunteers and the community and opportunity to celebrate it in a fun, interactive safe environment at a reasonable cost, making all families equal inside the gates of the festival. The Central Alberta Children's Festival is an opportunity to link together all the various audiences & engagement activities and issue an impressive and enticing invitation to everyone in Central Alberta to (re)discover arts, culture and PLAY.

The Central Alberta Children’s Festival started 10 years ago and its success is a testament to the dedication of our volunteer corps, and a reflection on the community spirit which they represent. Thanks to every one of you who helped to create the magic of this wonderful celebration for our community.

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