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Family Literacy Starts at Birth

January 4th, 2017

By Jill Griffith

Youth Services Librarian

Red Deer Public Library 

Friday, January 27, 2017 is Family Literacy Day.  The following is a speech from American children’s author Rosemary Wells who is a champion of literacy and libraries, reminding us of the importance of reading out loud to all of our bunnies: 

The Most Important Twenty Minutes Of Your Day 

 ALL OF US love our children more than anything in the world. In their first years we feed them so they grow. We bring them to the doctor so they are healthy. We strap them in car seats so they are safe. 

 But the most important thing in the first years of life is the growth of the mind and spirit. This is when a child learns to love and trust, to speak and listen. 

After a child turns two years old, these things are very difficult to learn or teach ever again. Trusting, singing, laughing, and language are the most important things in a young child’s life. 

And so they must come first for mothers and fathers, too. Because we can never have those years over again. 

Every day, make a quiet, restful place for twenty minutes. Put your child in your lap and read a book aloud. In the pages of the book you will find a tiny vacation of privacy and intense love. It costs nothing but twenty minutes and a library card. 

Reading to your little one is just like putting gold coins in the bank. It will pay you back tenfold. Your daughter will learn, and imagine, and be strong in herself. Your son will thrive, and give your love back forever. 

Rosemary Wells Copyright 1998


So make your most important New Year’s resolutions and read to your own bunnies for at least 15 minutes every day, and take them to Red Deer Public Library as early and as often as you can.  Here are a few board book suggestions that are perfect for your little ones as they grow, learn, and begin to love reading: 

Read to your Bunny

Wells, Rosemary

Book - 1998


Little You

Van Camp, Richard

Board Book – 2013


Checkers and Dot

Torres, J.

Board Book – 2012


Sharing Time

Tiempo Para Compartir

Verdick, Elizabeth

Board Book – 2016


Moby Dick

An Ocean Primer

Adams, Jennifer

Book - 2013

Wibbly Pig Likes Playing

Inkpen, Mick

Board Book – 2010


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