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How Children Benefit from the Arts

March 1st, 2016

Submitted by the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery

At the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery we are always looking to incorporate art into what we can offer families in Central Alberta.  Not only are the arts fun and interesting, but being part of the arts has many benefits to children’s development.

Motor Skills – All aspects of art involve children using fine motor skills.  Everything from colouring, painting, using clay, scissors, etc.  All of these actions will help children achieve developmental milestones in their growth.  Did you know that by the age of four children should be able to draw a square and cut straight lines with scissors?

Language Development – Any situation where children have to use language contributes to language development.  Arts programs allow children to talk about colours, shapes and actions that may not come up in other activities.  These conversations allow them to develop a deeper appreciation for what other people are thinking and understanding what is going on in the world around them.

Decision Making – As kids explore the arts, they will have to solve problems and use critical thinking.  Whether they are deciding which colours to mix or where to place a piece of clay in a sculpture, these decisions affect the outcome of what they are doing.  Art projects are a great way for children to learn to do this on their own in a super creative way.  They have a safe opportunity to try different things and discover what will happen when they do.

Visual Learning – Children today are exposed to more information than ever before.  The digital age tends to incorporate more visual information than words.  Children are taking in that information before they are even able to read or speak.  Exploring art allows children the opportunity to take in and interpret visual information.  The ability to interpret all of this visual information is a skill that is becoming increasingly necessary in the world today.

Inventiveness – Art is a great opportunity for children to be inventive.  This opportunity develops critical thinking skills that are applicable throughout life.  Having the confidence to think outside the box is a great skill to have in a world that is quickly changing.

These are just some of the many benefits children will experience when they are able to explore the arts.  Whether kids are exploring visual arts, dramatic arts, or music they will get the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop skills necessary for lifelong education.

For the more information check out the following link,

Did you know the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery offers programs for children of all ages to come and explore their creativity?

Every Wednesday morning from 9:30 – 11 we run our great new program Mini MAG!  This program is an art program for preschool aged children. Knowing all the great reasons for children to be part of the arts, we have designed weekly projects that are designed for preschool children and their early learning needs.  Members $2/child and non-members $3/child.

Every Saturday afternoon come and check out MAG Saturdays!  This drop in class is geared towards school aged children but is great for the whole family.  Every Saturday from 1 – 4 come and create an amazing piece of art.  $5/person or $10/family. Have a museum membership?  All MAG Saturdays are included in the price of the membership.

For more information on these or any of other great programs check out our website:

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