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Is your child struggling with Math?

June 13th, 2016

New Math Intervention Centre Now Open in Red Deer 

Red Deer parents now have a new and exciting option to get their child who is struggling in Math the help they need.  Located at 7121F Gaetz Avenue, the Math Shack Education Centre is Red Deer’s newest supplementary education service, specializing in multi-sensory math development and intervention. 

The Math Shack Education Centre offers specialized Mathematics intervention for children starting from 4 years of age and upwards, whether they have identified learning needs or not. The programs encompass all Mathematics curriculum areas across grade levels to further strengthen and develop skills in all the fundamental areas such as: number sense, mixed operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), time, money, place value, fractions, decimals and word problems. Programs focus on building confidence in each student and relating mathematics to their everyday life, which in turn, strengthens their ability to learn, and to enjoy Math.

The key concept used in The Math Shack Education Centre Programs is ‘multi-sensory’ learning, which means that the brain is taught through as many senses and learning channels as possible. The programs are not work sheet based, but use an active, fun, kinaesthetic approach, where children learn by doing through hands-on activities.  Instructors use toys, games, songs, and attractive manipulatives and resources that appeal to children, but also help them to learn and to have fun with Math.  This makes them actively engaged learners, fully enhancing their learning experience.

Parents bring their child in for an initial screening to see where they are at in terms of their math skills and development.  From there, a program plan is drawn up outlining what will best suit their child’s needs and learning style. Students then attend 45 minute sessions twice a week, either individually or as part of a small group of 2 or 3 students.  Progress is continually monitored, documented and communicated to parents. 

So who is the Math Shack Education Centre for?  It’s perfect for a wide range of learners.

  • School-aged children who are struggling in math and require intervention to work toward grade level
  • Children with specific learning difficulties (ie. math disorders, dyscalculia, dyslexia etc.)
  • Children with: ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, Cognitive Delays, Processing and Working Memory Difficulties and more
  • Children who struggle with motivation
  • Preschoolers or kindergarteners that would benefit from a head start 
  • Advanced students requiring further math enrichment
  • Children who simply have a different learning style
  • Children requiring extra one-on-one math support
  • Children being home-schooled 
  • Children who THINK they do not like math and need a change of heart.

Parents can visit the website at for more information, and to find out if this could be the help their looking for. 

The Math Shack Education Centre – Building a mathematical foundation through a multi-sensory approach. 

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