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{almost} Springtime Health & Sanity Tips

February 23rd, 2014

By Tammi Roy

This time of year is always the hardest, wouldn't you agree? It seems like winter lasted forever and it's almost torturous at this point as we eagerly wait for spring. We're sick of being cooped up indoors, tired of shoveling, bundling up is getting so old and we long to feel a warm breeze on the skin again.

Sometimes I find myself standing at the window, in a depressed trance in front of the white abyss. Pleading for the end of winter to come immediately. It's so hard to get through these last few months, when you know spring is so close but not close enough. It's kinda like an animal running in circles waiting for a bowl of food or a child on a road trip. Are we there yet? How about now? How much longer again?

I have decided that I need a plan to get me through the last of winter, or I'll most likely lose my mind. I'm just so stir-crazy, and so are the kids! Here are my {almost} Springtime Health and Sanity Tips:

Get Physical

It's easy to wave the white flag at this point and seriously consider spending the last of winter in hibernation. Why not harness that end of winter restlessness and use it to your benefit?! Resolutions may be broken {if not, I bow down to thee}, yet think of the upcoming spring as another chance. Beat the dreary days with some activity to boost the mind and body. You needn't complicate things or have high expectations about daily gym visits. Simply run up and down the stairs a few times and crank the music and dance while you cook. The point is - just move, with a little more speed and effort.

Go Outside

We still have some very cold days, and you might not want is to spend it outdoors. I get it, I want to boycott any more shoveling too {shaking fists at the sky}. Yet after spending so much time indoors, we need to get outside! This time of year brings some milder days, the sun rises earlier and sticks with us later - so take advantage! Go for a walk, try and find those buried shovels in the backyard or simply park further away from the doors when shopping. Think of small ways that you can get outside again, the fresh air and natural Vitamin D will do you good.

Lighten the Meals

We all know winter is synonymous with comfort food, yet you do have to stop the madness at some point. So start now. Stop storing away for the winter and lighten the load, on yourself and the waistline. Add more fresh ingredients, introduce more salads again, break out the steamer and lessen the heavy sauces.

Spring Clean - Now!

I almost loathe the term 'Spring Cleaning', since it's the very last thing I want to do when spring hits. Instead, purge those closets and tackle the clutter right now, so that you are ready to be outside when the temps rise and not stuck in the house still. Start with one project at a time and cross off the indoor to-do list so that come spring, you have a clean and organized home.

Plan a Vacation

If all else fails, just leave. I tend to lose my patience and steam during these last few months and desperately want to escape it all.  I'm all about fleeing while screaming 'see ya sucker', whenever I can. So if possible, why not plan that vacation or even a weekend getaway? A change of scenery does a body good!

Tammi is the mom of three girls (twins plus one) and is passionate about photography, food and travel (with luck, all at once). Her thoughts on parenthood and all the chaos in between can be found on her popular parenting blog, My Organized Chaos. While has been widely recognized as a leading Canadian woman in social media, she is an ordinary mom often found pacing the kitchen wondering what to cook for dinner.

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