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Baby Shoes - From Pain to Joy

January 1st, 2014

Photo Credit: Karey Wood Photography

By: Justin Hubert 

It is rumored that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story containing only 10 words. In response he wrote: “Baby shoes; for sale, never worn.” Can “New Beginnings” come from such a situation? I am here to say not just ‘yes,’ but, “THEY MUST!!”

On November 30th 2008, you would have never heard me say, “Joy will come from this moment of pain.” Seeing anything positive in our present circumstance - of leaving the maternity ward empty handed the day previous - was impossible. Our world was shattered, and seemingly nothing could put the pieces back together.

Marriage in shambles. Daughter lost to stillbirth two short weeks prior to due date. Full of rage. So many questions. Empty.

Last night: I kissed a gregarious, bouncy, three-year-old girl on the forehead. We did our nighttime gratitudes... our prayers. I am very thankful. Full. Full of joy.

New beginnings can rise from the ashes of past pain. But they do NOT without effort. This effort can be found in the insignificant moments of every day: in feeding our bodies, in washing them, in simplicity of just breathing. In just carrying on, life renews itself. “Old things are passed away; behold, all things are becoming new.” This is a written natural law. How do we quicken its progress? With each other.

I imagine on that day five years ago, although we could not imagine a future for ourselves, in that exact moment, someone else could. We need each other, because you have been where I have not been yet. You have seen what I can’t see past. You have felt the conclusion, of what I find impossible.

Together WE are strong. Together We are community. I need you.

Can good come from calamity? Can joy come from excruciating pain? Yes. It always has and always will.

November 2008 was not the final day of our story as a family. And in the days that followed this immense pain, in a community of others that held our faith, our very essence in their hands, a marriage was restored, addictions were beaten, joy was restored to its rightful place. We did it with each other. Like a tribe, on a journey, we made it through the wilderness, and the valley of death. In doing so, we found new chapter heading:

“Baby shoes; worn, by sister.”

Justin Hubert is a husband, dad, friend, dreamer. He’s the Cultural Architect of: www.heritagefamilyservices.

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