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Sharing the Load: The Importance of Relationships

October 31st, 2013

By Justin Hubert 

You provide. You cook. You clean. You drive. You schedule. You shop. You do laundry. You wake. You dress. You change. You groom. You fold. You prepare. And in all of that is there any time for you?

I’m not talking about a latté, a spa day, time for your woodworking hobby, or even a night out with your friends. I’m talking about you. Time for you, in relationship. The hamster wheel of parenting is a constant serving of other people. Little people who have snotty noses, and who don’t know how to hit the bucket. In all of that constant energy pouring into others, you need pour out some of your experience in relationship.

A basic human desire is to be known. But how little time we spend in deep relationship, if we don’t take the time, if we don’t build the habit, we may lose the opportunity. Parent with other parents. Gather together. Eat together. Share together. No, it doesn’t make your kid’s mess any easier to get out of the shag throw rug, but sharing the experience does, in a way, lighten the personal burden. You are not alone. There are many with a very similar experience to you right now. (I know, because I passed that equally-confused dad texting his wife in the aisle the other day.)

Find those people, and take the time to engage; take the time to listen, and be listened to. Take the time for relationships.

Although the tasks we have to accomplish every day may not get any lighter, the journey is easier when we share it together.

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