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The Explosive Power of a Positive Mindset

August 28th, 2013

By: Justin Hubert

With one knee on the ground, and one foot flat, he looks up at the target, being held 12 feet off the ground, by another 3rd degree black belt standing on a chair.

He breathes, yells: HiiiYAA fists clenched thrust towards the ground, yells again “I am the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!” Then jumps and while doing a perfect backflip, breaks the board in two with his foot, landing perfectly.

For an instant, while Jayong Koo was yelling “I am the BEST IN THE WORLD I admit, I thought: “Really? You are the best in the world? How do you know that? I seemed to dismiss his claim, even as he was mid-air doing a backflip, kicking with precision.

This average line of reason would be typical for a linear thinking western person like myself, because we are not well versed in the language of mindset.

By the time you read this, you have been shopping. Because you want to have everything ready. Like any parent you want this to be a successful year for your child.

Will it be a successful year?

Think about that question. What is your role as a parent? What about your child’s mindset? What does mindset have to do with it? Well, everything, any great thing, humanity has accomplished, it accomplished, because we first believed we could. We thought about what we were about to embark on, in positive power terms then went and did it!

What if, the most devastating thing we take away from our children is the power of a positive mindset? I would encourage you, take 12 minutes of your day, Google “Shawn Achor happiness advantage TED talk.” Just 12 minutes can help shift you to think about yourself, our world, and your role as parent differently. Yes, we have to get them to school. Yes, the lunches must be made. Yes, it is a lot of work.

Yes, we are all equally annoyed/thankful for field trip forms and criminal record checks, check lists, missing water bottles. But as they say the devil is in the details, it is truly how we do what we do this next year as parents that will shape our children’s future mindset. Watch the video, buy Shawn’s Achors books.

It will be an awesome year!

It will be a year full of challenges, and stresses, but this is going to be an awesome year! Before my oldest daughter’s final exams last year, in the car, she expressed worry, concern and anxiety. That is a big ball of negative emotion, my response was:(Googles “babies elastic bands video”) Hey girls – watch this - we spent the next two minutes in deep belly laughter, then had a big hug, then she went and aced her exam. Why did I do this? Because science proves your brain at positive is 30 per cent more efficient – it has an advantage, over your brain at negative neutral or stressed. 

This year give your kids the gift of a positive mindset. Maybe like me, you’ve tried, but this--I can assure you--is worth trying again and again. Jayong Koo believes he is the best in the world and because he starts with that mindset, he accomplishes things that are, well – breathtakingly world class.


Justin Hubert - Husband, Dad, dreamer. Cultural Architect of Owner of the oldest and best cabinet Blogs words of wisdom





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