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Tips & Tricks for Packing Your Kids’ Winter Bags

January 1st, 2015

By Tammi Roy

Packing your kids’ bag for a Holiday trip can be a relentless task. The struggle to fit everything you need into a bag is a task every parent wants to avoid. On top of that, every time you turn around your child is trying to squeeze something else they absolutely can NOT live without into the bag that is already bulging at its seams.

I found myself in this exact situation not that long ago. In fact, it was a tad bit harder because we were packing for a winter Holiday. I wasn’t just packing MORE clothes I was packing FLUFFY clothes.

Once I realized how much I was struggling to pack my kids’ bags I took a step back, grabbed a pen and paper and made a list. I allotted one outfit per day of our holiday. Since we were going to a spot where I had access to a washer and dryer, I knew that if the kids ran out of clean clothes, a quick load of laundry would be an easy solution to the problem. Plan ahead by checking to see if you will have a washer and dryer to use during your holiday. Even if there is not one available at your destination you can usually find a laundromat to use along the way. Take a minute to add all of the remaining items you will need for your Holiday to the list.

I used my list to gather everything and placed it all on the bed. I stacked the clothes in piles that had one complete outfit each and rolled the pile up and placed it in the bag. This way all my child would need to do is grab a roll for a set of clean clothes. This created a lot of space for all of my other items. Even the puffy gloves, boots, scarves, and hats. I placed all of the toiletries in a plastic bag just in case any of the bottles leaked while we were traveling.

I picked out appropriate sized backpacks, one for each kid, to pack as they wish for the Holiday. It is a good idea to make sure your kids understand that you are coming back. There is no need to try and bring everything with them. They just need to pick a few favorite things to bring along for the ride. Let them bring a stuffed animal that can also double as a pillow while they travel.

These tips helped me avoid a packing battle on my last winter trip. I hope they will help you out on your next trip. Happy Travels!

Tammi is the mom of three girls (twins plus one) and is passionate about photography, food and travel (with luck, all at once). Her thoughts on parenthood and all the chaos in between can be found on her popular parenting blog, My Organized Chaos. While she has been widely recognized as a leading Canadian woman in social media, she is an ordinary mom often found pacing the kitchen wondering what to cook for dinner.

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