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Burn the Baby Fat

October 31st, 2013

By Krystal Kromm

Throughout my week I see a variety of people, but the number one question I am asked is, “What’s the best way to get rid of the baby fat that still lingers?” There is no one-word answer, but there is a discussion that needs to take place, especially if the woman is in that post-partum period. Most of us understand that exercise and eating right is the answer. That prescription can take a few forms depending on your starting point. At the very least every individual needs to accumulate 30-60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, while limiting fats and sugars in their diet.

Ok, more exercise, go on a diet. Crap! Your baby fat is still there! How to really burn that baby fat off is my business. What if your rectisis abdominus split while you were pregnant? What if that diet takes your body into a starvation mode? What if you desire to keep your baby with you while exercising?

Any postpartum woman needs to be cleared for exercise by her doctor to prevent injury, as well as being checked for recti split because while you think doing those crunches every day are helping to tone your belly, they may be making things worse! If you have abdominal separation, do not do sit ups; focus on some leg lifts to help bring the core back together and just give it time. You need to be doing safe exercise for your body that will tighten and tone not just your belly but also your whole body.

A few training tips would be to remember that high intensity workouts need to be kept under an hour in length because of cortisol production, which can increase fat storage. Focus on interval training, which will keep your body out of steady state exercise, thus you will burn more calories.  I prefer to use 45 seconds to one-minute intervals with 10-30 seconds of rest between the same muscle groups. Use a full body workout to increase your muscle mass (not like a bodybuilder, but lean and sexy). Fat lives on your body for free while muscle burns calories existing on your body.

Now diets...well plain and simple diets suck. No diets, only lifestyle changes! No one should ever have to ‘go on a diet’. Eat healthy 80 per cent of the time and still have a cookie or ice cream (Haagen Daze is my first choice, although it is higher in saturated fats, there are no substitutes for fat, which are often full of sugar or worse than the fat.) Everything in moderation really is good advice. Fruits, veggies and water are the best things for our bodies to have, start there. Once you have mastered getting 60 per cent of your diet from fruits and veggies (the more dark leafy green veggies the better) then we will start individualizing.

Don’t be fooled by food claiming to be healthy, like yogurt-covered granola bars. Read the box and you will find it really says  ‘yogurt flavoured’. There is no yogurt at all but just an added layer of sugar around your already not-so-good for you granola bar.

What you need to burn off that baby fat is a good combination of cardio, weights and sound nutrition. 

Krystal Kromm, CSEP-CPT, AFLCA, RMT, is a fitness specialist with City Motion. City Motion is a full service fitness studio that can help you achieve your fitness goals, while bringing your little ones with you. For more information, call 403.356.9711 or visit


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