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Mind Games...For Good!

March 1st, 2015

By Tammi Roy

One of the hardest things about the long Alberta winters, is that the dreary and frigid weather makes for some crazy sloth behavior.

While some hit the gym and stay active no matter the season {praise you!}, most  people do gain some extra weight during the winter months. After all, we take in those rich and comforting foods and meals to boost our moods and to help keep us going.  There’s also the preference of snuggling in with a movie and snacks with the fireplace on.

We always have the best of intentions at the start of a new year, even making resolutions to change our ways and our bad habits. Unless smaller and realistic goals are set, failure can result.

For those that have given up on that grueling daily workout video or for those that didn’t even set goals but really wish they had tried before shorts and tank-top season arrives – hear these words.

It’s not too late to make small healthy changes!

If you want to take up running in two feet of snow, go get ‘em. If you are dusting off that home treadmill and digging out the running shoes – power to ya.

Yet, for those that are running for the bag of chips just at the thought of changes like these – here are some simple tricks that you can do,  little baby steps.

Let’s call them, mind games for the good.

  • Go downstairs to get the laundry and realize you also need bread from the freezer. Instead of piling it all on top of each other and heading up – take up the laundry and come back down for the bread.

  • I know we’d rather have our fingers fall off from lack of circulation, by carrying 10 bags of groceries from the car in one trip – commit to carrying only a few bags at once and take many trips. Even two over your one is a small change for the better.

  • One common tip is always to park furthest from the store doors, to get in a bit of exercise. But, it’s cold out there! Instead: park close, get in the store and realize you forgot your coupon or reusable bags. Quickly, go back to the car and then back into the store. You can get in that exercise and have the sweet parking spot too!

  • Bribing kids to do something, when they want something, is always fun right?  That’s how our toy room stays tidy most of the time! Well, try it on yourself! Want that last cookie in the bag? You can if you vacuum the house or run up and down the stairs at least five times.  Even if it’s only after you drink one big glass of water. Hey, you’ll get the cookie in the end!

I’m sure you could come up with some simple mind games of your own, to get in just a bit more activity and eat healthier options.

Tammi is the mom of three girls (twins plus one) and is passionate about photography, food and travel (with luck, all at once). Her thoughts on parenthood and all the chaos in between can be found on her popular parenting blog, My Organized Chaos. While she has been widely recognized as a leading Canadian woman in social media, she is an ordinary mom often found pacing the kitchen wondering what to cook for dinner.

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