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Personal Mental Health

March 1st, 2017

By Justin Hubert

Who’s responsibility is it?

To be blunt – it is your responsibility.

But to be honest – it must be shared, and this is probably the number one hardest thing to share in our lives. The best part is there are thousands and thousands of examples of people who have gone down the path of taking responsibility for their own mental health and guess what? They survived!

Why share it?

I have a really interesting answer to this question, and it is that independence on anything in this life is really a myth. Interdependence is the way of our lives, it's always been this way and the examples are myriad.

A simple trip to your local grocery store is all it takes to prove how much we are interdependent on each other. There is literally no item in the grocery store that didn’t take a tremendous group effort to provide the opportunity for you to buy those items. Let's start with oranges. I live in Canada; there are literally no regions in Canada where oranges grow naturally, and very few greenhouses that grow this fruit. Yet most every Canadian has tasted an orange. If we were to look into all of the steps necessary to move that fruit across vast distances, from tree to your table, you would begin to see the extraordinary world of interdependence.

How much of the food that you consume on a regular basis did you grow on your own? We like to think we are independent, but really we are tremendously interdependent. We may buy our own fuel and pay for the electricity that sustains our lives, but we didn’t create these things, we depended on others for these things.  Same is true for you – for who YOU are in regards to your personal mental health, and the best thing you can do to move forward on your personal mental health is make it yet another matter of interdependence.

I have a question I like to ask people who struggle with negative self-talk: How long, would like let someone talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself on a regular basis. “You’re an idiot”, “You can’t do it,” “You are a failure,” “You are ugly,” “You are useless." The reality is, you wouldn’t let someone talk to your best friend like that for 30 seconds – probably not even 10! So, why do you put up with it yourself? Probably the answer for this is just bad habits – but in order to recognize those habits we need others to look IN on us. When I say in, I mean into who we really are in terms of our past experiences.

Independence is a myth.

Interdependence is strength.

Relationships are the medium of all human endeavour.

Your personal mental health IS your personal responsibility, and the most responsible thing you can do is involve other people in one of the most important factors of your life. Truly we don’t do anything else independently, so why try to fight your way through this alone? To move forward we reaching out for help, and including others in the quest for better and better mental health.

Why is it important to involve other people? Simply, When you find the right helpers in this area, their view of you is often better than your view of yourself. Positive reinforcement and encouragement are key to moving forward in your personal mental health. Advancing yourself positively in this way will have a transcendent effect on all aspects of your life, relationships, energy levels, memory – all of these things and more will be affected by the profound shift in your mindset that awaits you.

Justin Hubert is CEO of Heritage Family Services and Owner of Relationship Inspired Learning and Development

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