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Bright Horizons - Helping #YEGKids shoot for bigger, brighter, horizons every day!

November 15th, 2016

We hear you've opened a new child care center in the Highlands area. Can you tell us about where you're located and highlight some features of your space?

Bright Horizons is located at 7100 Ada Blvd, right in the heart of the Concordia University campus. We’re not directly affiliated with the school, but are happy to be part of campus life, and are thrilled to have a newly renovated centre featuring two floors of dedicated space for our age groups (spanning newborn up to 12 years old). Big bright windows let in plenty of sunshine, and allow great views of the river valley, which is right in our backyard. 

Since we’re in such a wonderful community, we strive to keep our kids active and outdoors, going on walks around the neighbourhood and visiting Borden Park, just across the block from us.

Caregivers are an important part of choosing where to send our little ones. Can you share some insights into your team and what parents can expect? 

Right now we have a dedicated team of 10 caregivers that bring the expertise of several shared decades in the childcare field. We have a teacher on staff, and use a Reggio Emilia Inspired approach to child education and growth. Reggio Emilia essentially highlights the wonderful individuality that each child has to offer. Our staff meet our children where they’re at and provide opportunities to grow existing skills, as well develop others, through hands on discovery. We’re very, very, passionate about living up to our name and letting each child explore their horizons, with our staff seeking to meeting their individual needs and goals. 

As one of the few centres that offers care for newborns, we recognize the unique challenges that come with caring for infants, so we wanted to make sure that we could offer a program that truly sets us apart. Our newborn specialists have years of experience, and an incredible compassion and excitement for working with babies. We work closely with both our infants and our parents to ensure a safe and educational environment, even dedicating time to building communication fundamentals with our young ones via sign language instruction and speech development. The Bright Horizons team also knows how challenging it can be to keep a consistent schedule for kids with the home-centre shift, especially for our youngest members. To minimize that difficulty, our family works closely with yours to make sure schedules are aligned, so everybody is in sync! 

What are your operational hours and the age ranges you are accepting registrations for? 

We’re open from 7am to 5:45pm Monday to Friday. We are actively accepting registration for kids ranging from newborn all the way up to 12 years old. We have great programs and spaces tailored for each age group, so we’re looking forward to continuing to grow our Bright Horizons family! We are accepting registrations…and are more than happy to provide tours for any inquiring moms and dads! 

What sets your centre apart from other options?

For one, we’re one of a very small selection of centres that accept and specialize in newborn care. We’ve really structured our centre around providing active learning and a family oriented environment for our kids. The Bright Horizons team believes in providing a home away from home, and our staff have a vast experience handling all levels of childcare. We understand that every child is different, and so we strive to meet every single member of our little family on their level on a daily basis. We’re genuinely invested in seeing our kids get the most out of every experience we can provide for them, and growing alongside them!

Bright Horizons also believes in making the transition from home to centre as painless as possible, both for the child and for mom and dad. As a result, we’ve opted to waive registration fees in the hopes of setting the example that finding quality childcare doesn’t always have to feel like a financial burden. Our families are just that…family, and we believe in putting that mentality into practice in every part of our business!

Is there anything else of importance you would like to share with our readers? 

We’d just love to say that we’re so thrilled to be part of the Edmonton Childcare Community. We’re looking forward to growing our family alongside yours. Kids are our most precious resource, and the team here at Bright Horizons loves nothing more than helping them shoot for bigger, brighter, horizons every day! 



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