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Child Minding in a Salon? Yes Please Pamper and Play Salon and Spa!

March 29th, 2017

How long have you been operating?

Pamper and Play Salon and Spa has been in business 3 years. 

What are some of the “hats” you wear? (ie mom to how many? Wife? Etc)

I’m a wife, mom to 2 boys Connor 5 and Cameron 3, daughter to the most supportive and helpful parents, sister to 2 younger brothers

What’s your background? Previous employment/schooling?

I have and arts degree (2000) I worked in social services and child programs for most of my life but found my true love of customer service when I was working for Curves for Women.  I just loved connecting with the ladies and brightening their day. 

What made you decide to start your business?

After having two boys 18 months apart to the day I really noticed my self-care was suffering.  Being a self-proclaimed spa junkie I  was looking a wreck. Even though I am lucky enough to have endless help from my parents I felt almost “silly “ asking them to watch the boys so I can go to the spa.  I looked around Edmonton for a salon and spa with childcare and came up empty, so the vision of Pamper and Play began to float around. I asked the moms in my mommy groups and circles if this is something they needed in their life and there was a resounding YES.

How long was it been between that first thought & opening the doors?

I told Justin my idea in March of 2014, I signed my lease in July and opened in October.  I don’t like to waste time LOL

What was the first thing you did to put your business out there?

Facebook page and strong social media presence. But mainly I relied on strong word of mouth referral and asked everyone to spread the word. Mommas are good talkers!

What makes your business different?

Our PLAYROOM!! We have a great supervised playroom. Plus, we have not sacrificed our services. Mommas receive the highest of quality services and products.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?

Finding the perfect staff.  I am extremely picky and only hire the best of the best. I have full confidence in every one of our service providers. Customer service is my top priority.

Did you have anyone help you along the way?

I had great support but this is my baby. 

What has been a memorable moment along your journey?

Just hearing the relief in a momma’s voice when they realize for the first time that we’ll watch their kids while they get their services done and the happiness and relaxation they feel after their service is the fuel that keeps me going. Also, our mommy and me days are my favourite! Just seeing the look on the little ones faces as they experience a spa service is extremely rewarding. 

Has anyone ever said “You should just quit” – what did you say to the naysayers?

Sure we’ve had some lumps and bumps along the road. Especially with the difficult economic times Alberta is facing but I truly believe hard work, persistence, and flexibility allows Pamper and Play to grow and continue on. 

I have recently lowered our prices, understanding times are tough and for me, I’d rather make less knowing that mommas are taking care of themselves and in doing so are better able to take care of their families.

What’s your vision? Where do you see your business in 5 years? Paint us a picture.

I’d love to have more locations across Edmonton and Alberta.  We have mommas come from Red Deer, Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray.

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