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Ride n Play....what's that about?

October 27th, 20162 Comments

On a cold winter day in 2014, an Edmonton father of a 3 year old boy realized the options of entertaining an active child are limited during the Winter in Edmonton. So he and his friend started talking about setting up a safe and fun place for active children and young adults to have fun during this long and harsh season. The idea of Ride n Play was born. After a year of planning and hard work, Ride n Play finally opened it's doors to the public in the Fall of 2016.

City of Edmonton has done a great job offering outdoor skate parks throughout the city. These free and unmanaged parks can be fun for young adults, but it can be intimidating for younger kids. They are also unusable under certain weather conditions.

At Ride n Play, we focus on safety and excitement. We offer a drug free environment, and all equipment is properly maintained to ensure everyone’s safety. Personal protection helmets are mandatory to minimize head injury while participating in high risk sports. The facility is fully air-conditioned; everyone can play comfortably at Ride n Play regardless of the weather condition outside. We also offer freshly made food onsite, sport beverages, and other nutritious food and drink options to keep everyone energized.

On August 3rd, 2016, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted unanimously to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. This is very exciting! Scooter and free style BMX have also gained popularity in recent years. FISE Edmonton will add Scooters to their event in 2017. This calls for a facility to practice all year round. The tracks at Ride n Play are designed and built by an experienced Canadian company with high quality materials that provide the challenges and fun factors. Our 12 ft Vertical ramp is the largest in Western Canada. Our facility is one of the best in town to perfect anyone’s skills and reach their best potential. We certainly hope we will be the home of Olympic stars very soon.

For beginners who want to get better at scootering, skateboarding or riding BMX, Ride n Play offers different levels of training to meet your needs. For parents who want to host memorable parties for their kids, we have decorated party rooms and party organizers to make your events the envy of the block.

For kids who don’t use scooters, skateboards or BMX, we also offer a huge indoor playground, and a large bouncy castle to keep them active. We also provide arcade and video games for kids to keep their minds busy and challenged. Regardless of if you are here for birthday parties, team building events, training classes or just drop in to skate, Ride n Play will surely be a place for you to create good memories for yourselves and your loves ones.

Reader Comments (2)

Concerned Parent said on October 28, 2016

As a parent of kids who love being outdoors, we were very excited when we discovered Ride n Play. I wanted to like it, but we've visited a few times and I've some serious concerns about this location/how it is being run. Your article mentions that your focus is "safety" and that equipment is "properly maintained." Yes, kids are required to wear helmets - but that's about it for safety. We were at a party where one of the kids got injured and there were no first aid kits, ice packs - I doubt the staff were even trained in first aid. All the kid was offered were bandaids. Speaking of staff, how can you have one kid run the front desk, and be able to watch out for things behind them? You can't. Not very focused on safety, are we? The equipment is not properly maintained. My kids tell me the ramps are slick from wax, the walls have holes in them, the netting is ripped/torn down. I have little kids and the bouncy castle has always been broken every time we try to use it. The jungle gym has the thinnest pads on the floor that I'm sure would do nothing to save a kid from breaking a limb if they fell off the top. I could go on and on. The freshly made food and nutritious options are a joke - if you want candy bars from Costco and deep fried things (if they're even open), then yeah, I guess that's an option. I want to bring my kids to places that I feel comfortable that they're safe and are enjoying equipment that are well cared for. I don't feel it here. There are other options in town that are way better value and have properly run facilities that we would much rather go to. Sorry, Ride n Play. You've got a long way to go.

Kevin said on October 28, 2016

Hi Concerned Parent, My name is Kevin and I am one of the owners of Ride n Play. We are so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, and want to invite you back on us to show you we're serious about good customer service and safety of our customers. We really appreciate your feedback, and hope you do give us the chance to make it right! We serve hundreds of customers a week and we strive to create the best possible experience for the community. I would also like to take this chance to comment on your points and, please, feel free to e-mail me at so we can invite you and your kids back, and you will see what we have done differently. 1. First Aid kit and ice packs. We have two first aid kits Meets Alberta No. 2 Occupational Health and Safety requirements. We also stocked one time use ice packs, but they sure were used up quickly. We purchased an ice machine recently, so we won’t run out of ice. We also have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site. Basic first AID training teaches CPR, airway and breathing, we do have employees with First Aid Certificate. 2. Environment and staffing. We have done lots of cleaning recently to prepare us for the winter season; we also hired additional staff to make sure we got everything covered. The ramp is very different from outdoor concrete ramps, the surface material is way smoother than concrete, it takes some skills to master it and enjoy it. It is a personal preference, some people like it smooth and some don’t. Lots of customers put wax on the ledges and rails, so they can slide on them easily. The ramps are cleaned regularly, but we will certainly look into the wax on ramps to make sure there is no excess. 3. Bouncy castle and jungle gym. To ensure the quality of the jungle gym, we purchased the equipment from an US company. City of Edmonton uses the same US company for their jungle gyms in the rec centers. They meet and exceed the Canadian Safety standards. The rubber paddings around the jungle gym provide protection for six feet of falling, unless someone climbs outside the protective barrier, which they should never do, they are all well protected. There were older kids with their shoes jumping on the bouncy castle, caused lots of damage to it. We have limited only 2 to 9 year old with socks only to play on the bouncy to make sure the kids are safe and reduce the damage to the bouncy castle. We are also in the process looking into better repair or purchasing a replacement. 4. Food. Our coffee is organic. We only use vegetable oil in our fryer; it is not trans-fat, not saturated fat. Our pizza is traditional method and hand made on site. Burgers are same as how we would make them at home. Healthiness of deep fired food is a personal opinion and it depends on the oil used, but a serving of deep fried chicken fingers has about 240 Calories and about 12 grams of protein. A regular cheese burger has about 359 Calories and about 17.8 grams of protein. Of course they don’t provide the daily serving of fruit and vegetables, but they are important part of our diet. We provide a variety of options for our customers to choose from. If you have any recommendations, please let us know, we would like to add more popular healthy alternatives if it is feasible. I have a five year old son. As a single dad, I want the best for him, and I take him to Ride n Play to play often. The only injury he suffered was an older kid pushed him on the bouncy castle and caused his nose to bleed. We are watching bullies, and we even removed customers who bullied others. So far, all the injuries we had are the brave ones who want to challenge themselves on skateboards, scooters or bikes. We have had many customers in the last year, and it proves that our tracks are challenging and well designed. We certainly don’t want to see any injuries at Ride n Play. As a father, I wouldn’t want my kid to get injured, but this is growing up. We all went through it, and that is how we get better at what we enjoy doing. Again, thank you for your feedback, it helps us and makes us better. Thanks.

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