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Nicole Cormier Photography

October 29th, 2014

Photography session gift certificate. Your choice of denomination.


It’s not a surprise to me that photography took such a hold on me a few years ago.  I’ve enjoyed the art of photography since I was a child.  The desire to document people and the moments that make up our lives has been one of my greatest joys and passions.

My goal is to capture moments, big and small, in a unique way and preserve them for you and your family. To capture the beauty that exists in each person, each child, each family, each wedding, and in the fleeting moments that often happen when most photographers bring their camera down and feel they already got the shot.

Every family, every child, and every person has a uniqueness – a way of being that is so them – and I strive to capture what that is. I have never sought to produce trendy work; and certainly not anything that looked or felt contrived. In the end, my goal is today what it was when I started 3 years ago: to create memories and photographs that tell a story and stand the test of time.

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